June 22, 2014

WWJS: A Grape Fit! by OPI

Every now and then, mostly on weekends, I find myself determined enough to whip up a DIY manicure session with myself. Today is one of those days and I picked up this beaut from OPI Happy Spring 2014 Collection.

WWJS. A Grape Fit! is a gorgeous bright light purple shade. It's like lilac in a bottle and you instantly feel spring-y all over just by looking at it. The collection's actually composed of a gorgeous selection with a mix of both pastels and brights that has got spring written all over them! It's a creme formula and you can achieve its opaque finish with 2 coats and I personally prefer that. However, if you prefer a lighter shade, one coat will be enough. Application can be a bit tricky as I have got the most fidgety hands in the world and the tiniest nails ever so even if the nail polish brush that comes with it is wide enough and absorbs just the right amount of the formula for a single coating, it's still quite hard for me to achieve a flawless finish. Any top coat will have to do to help you lock in the color and make it last longer. But usually with OPI Nail Lacquers, it lasts up to at least 3 days before it starts to chip for me, even with a top coat on. Although I can guarantee you that's just me. How long does it last for you? I'm a bit curious as to why I am such an unfortunate one, maybe I'm doing something wrong or missing a step or two.

Anyway... I find A Grape Fit! to be such a fun and bright color (though it registers lighter on the camera), which is perfect to wear for the spring and summer but may not be limited to these seasons - at all! I love me a purple polish all year long and this is a good one. It's like having a piece of your summer right at your fingertips and that right there, my friends, is a good pun. You reckon?

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