June 21, 2014


So... this finally happened for me. A spontaneous date with myself on a weekday which is pretty much an accomplishment by my standards. I just decided I'd go and watch in on a whim while I was walking my usual way to the MRT. I took the road less traveled to Shang because I thought it'll be less packed and slightly more acceptable to watch alone in a muted crowd. But I was wrong! When I checked in for the 7P timeslot, it was almost a full house! I literally just walked in straight to the counter, purchased the infamous ticket for one, then head straight to the cinema because for once, my timing is just perfect! Hey Thought Catalog, I am now 21/24, thank you very much.

I knew I was going to cry. What I didn't know though is that I'm going to cry incessantly. No. Kidding. There were no sobbing or loud sniffles, nothing to that extent. It was more like an extended, suspended sixty second cry all throughout the movie. I can't even remember when I started crying. I also cannot come up with things to say on how I find the movie rendering this post rather pointless. But let's just say some, if not most, of the movie adaptations of novels usually fall short when it finally presents itself on the big screen, this isn't one of them for me. Just as this is not a love story of two people with cancer. It is a story about that kind of love I often find myself wishing I had, let alone have. It really doesn't matter how long you have been with someone or the time you have had or left in each other's lives. It will always be about the kind of love you have for each other during the time you are together. And when that kind of love is the right one, it can be the most beautiful thing you can experience in this lifetime.

PS. Augustus Waters coming to life thru Ansel Elgort is such a luxury for those who have read and loved the TFIOS, or at least that's what it felt like for me and I've read and loved the book. Now, it is one thing to be Gus in the book, you can have your own little version of him while reading it and trust me, mine was nothing close to an Ansel. But his Gus justification was on point in all levels.

The Fault in Our Stars in a nutshell? To fall in love and to live with pain is a possibility. You should give it a try. Okay? Okay.

Did you get to watch? What are your post movie thoughts? I'd love to hear some!

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