June 23, 2014

TDUG: The Li'l Sum'n Sum'n Vest

I think most of the items inside my closet these days have been just two things tops: black and denim. And this look is more or less my closet personified. I have grown so accustomed to black that I never really consider wearing other color at the moment. I usually just look out for a li'l sum'n sum'n to spice up an all black everything ensemble which in this case is a black sando from H&M, thrifted black satin shorts, and the good ole black Chucks. And the li'l sum'n sum'n being this - prepare for a mouthful of adjectives, folks - washed off, studded, distressed and a rock star feel over denim vest. SOLD!

On the day I took this vest for a spin, I went out with the family for lunch and some bowling fun! It was easy to move around and the sleeveless detail of the vest made it even easier for me to swing my arms around. I ended up with a broken fingernail, a sore body all over and a very bruised ego. I have also realized how my level of competitiveness has reached it's ground zero level that day, hahaha! But not without having the grandest time and the happiest heart with the ultimate joys of my life. All good. All ways. Always. A family affair. And that alone, not taking the vest in consideration, is enough to make me feel like a rock star all over.

And on that note... Happy Monday, you lovely lots!
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