April 06, 2014

TDUG: The 1990's Baby

There's nothing even rad about this outfit. Basically the classics with a twist. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the 90's vibe written all over this look? The platforms and the jeans. I cannot be more appropriately called a 90's baby, eh.

My staple Friday look, ladies and gentlemen. Black sheer top from Maldita. Washed out denim high waist mom jeans. Keds platform sneakers. This is the first time I broke in the platforms after years of being inside a box. I was kind of worried the leather will fall off or I'd end up limping from blisters but it was all good. I wish I could've taken a detailed shot of this top but it's basically a summer staple for me. I know it's black and who wears black during the summer season but it's sheer material and it's daring out back - the outline for the spine's a see-thru lace. And more importantly it gives me an illusion of tapered upper body so I'd say yes to that every single time. And le 90's high waist mum jeanz. In plain English, The Mom Jeans. I cannot stress about how much this pair has made me happier. I've always had issues when buying jeans, I am somehow heavy on the bottom and I find it harder than the rest to find a perfect fitting pair. So when the world of fashion somehow came up with the idea of mom jeans coming back to life, I tried to get my hands on one. It's going to cover up most of my tummy and my back part without all the fuss of looking awkward because hello, that's how these jeans work. It's comfortable and actually flattering and I love, love, love it! Thank you fashion gods and goddesses. As we speak, I am now in search for my second pair. This has been well battered beyond belief by yours truly. Now I actually have a few pairs from the 90's inside my closet too... I shall update you if ever I find another gem in there.

The weather's insane out here in Manila! How's summer going on your side of the globe? It's so stressful to dress up for work because you basically just want to undress every single time. That's why I always find myself grabbing for familiar clothes. I just want to feel comfortable and not pile on anything more than one layer of clothing. Even that feels like a bit too much some days. Trust me, it's that hot out here. No kidding.

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