April 09, 2014

How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen

If I'm going to take Matty's advice - get in the shower if it all goes wrong - I would've ended up showering just about a mill times more than usual, all in the name of a secured entry pass to one of their gigs.

March 15. Two things; 1) Astroplus in Trinoma hosted a The 1975 Fan Party; and 2) I was there. It was a Saturday and since I obviously have nothing better to do with my life than to fangirl flail, I blocked off my entire day and may have even turned down a summer weekend getaway in the process just to be there. In the back of my mind, I know I really shouldn't be doing anything like this at this point but then I have been doing this since I was 17 so really, what's the diff? Although let it be known that this is a first. I have never been to a fan party before. I have had no idea on what to expect or what's going to happen but all I know is that I have to be there. Why? I can now tell you in all honesty that it's because I got it all wrong. I initially thought the Instagram caption read something like if I buy a CD on the counter on that day, I'd already be entitled to a pass for the gig on the 29th. And that's all I ever really wanted. I just want a secured spot inside the barricaded area, s'all. So I thought this is the easiest way, if not the cheapest since it'll only cost me Php525 and a cameo appearance to a fan party, why the hell not. Easypeasy. Only I was wrong. Very wrong. I didn't realize it until I was handed a stub upon my CD purchase and then it all started to make sense. The caption actually says if I buy a CD, it'll be equivalent to a raffle stub that will give you a chance to win a lot of The 1975 things and one of them is a free pass to the gig. Kill me now. Lesson learned the funniest way possible. How can I even misread a caption with that important of a message? Too much of a fangirl freak for my own good sometimes. Hay naku, Joys Camille!

But I guess it's true when they say wrong things happen to right people. Chos. I may have just made that one up but it's really just so fitting. Because guess who ended up winning a signed CD layout AND a free pass to the Trinoma gig after all? MEEEEEEEE! I couldn't quite believe my fate. I guess it's really meant for me to meet the Manchester Boies after all because how else would you explain this? I don't do raffles, I never win anything. Well, not anymore. I was laughing the whole time because I had to get my prize out front and I feel like a neon sign of my age is flashing right across my forehead for everyone out there to see. I first won the signed CD layout and I was like no way... can I exchange this for a pass instead? How ungrateful, I know. Little did I know they were putting the names back in so when they called out mine for the second time around, this time it is for the free pass to the gig, finally, I was smiling for all the right reasons! Mission accomplished. Thank you, Astroplus Trinoma, with all of and from the bottom of, my forever fangirl heart.


[ Usually, it ends right there and I proceed to the concert experience after. Not this time around. The road to The 1975 with The Girl and The City goes on...

The week after. Of course this is when the respective malls finally announced the mechanics on how to go about the ticketing. So tricky and trippy if you ask me. Price to pay for free shows I guess. Like I said, a bit of a task but never ever everrr underestimate the power of a fangirl's heart. I swear, there's nothing like it. Especially that of a healthy, beating teenage fangirl heart. Yes everyone. I have been outfangirled by the teenage girls! Unbelievable. I probably should have known better but I honestly never really expected a huge following so I was just meh about it. I will later on find out that huge is even an understatement of the century. So anyway, after finding out the dates and further instructions, I know I should never really care anymore because I already have a pass with me right? Except I am never happy so I was still on the lookout for a Meet & Greet pass - none of these are for sale too, you either win it or I don't know get lucky and end up with it regardless. Which I will later on find out (again) is a separate one from the free pass or a seat stub. Along with many other unforeseen circumstances such as a VIP area on a standing room only activity center, I didn't even know there's a VIP category since tickets for this area are all complimentary; CD signing pass for the first 100 buyers of the CD on the day of the show at the venue. Apparently the free pass is just that - a free pass to enter the barricaded area after the VIP area which takes up the front of the stage and leaves us normal people with general admission tickets a good arm's length away from the same VIPs. And an entire half court length away from the Boies. How baduy is that. So there.

The week that was. Like usual, I got me my pre-concert jitters. Am I alone in this? I suffer from this every single time I am headed to a concert I have long been waiting for a week prior to the event. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't settle and can't even think properly. My default stalker self was on it - Instagram posts, tweets and all that jazz until I finally see a post from Matty - a video of their transatlantic travel from Amsterdam to Man-illa. Ssshh just got real, the boies are finally here. AND THEN IT WAS PURE MADNESS AFTER THAT. Chance encounters with the boies popped up like crazy! Touchdown photos from fangirls working in the airport, random mall encounters and eventually Matty / George / Adam / Ross selfies for those who followed them and basically stalked them at the hotel and got lucky. I wasn't part of the lucky batch unfortunately.

Since I am such a fan of chance encounters, I thought I should give myself and the boies a chance at once. FYI, it isn't stalking, it's called increasing the chances... HA! But then, I keep getting things wrong. First, the hotel. I got it wrong so there was no chance to see them in the first place. Had I been on the right spot, I would've been thisclose to seeing Matty but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Next option for me is to be part of the 1st 100 on the venue to score them CD signing stubs since no M&G passes are up for stakes. This'll be the only chance I can get in meeting and actually seeing their pretty faces up close and hear those raw Brit accents speaking to my face. But then I stayed at the wrong entrance the whole time so even if I was already up early to get lucky, still wasn't lucky enough. No luck at all actually. Some hardcorer fangirls beat me to it. At least I can say that I did try though, I owe my forever fangirl heart that much, it just wasn't going to happen this time around Joys Camille. Get over it already. And that's when I stopped trying and started making peace with my current reality instead. Which isn't so bad at all. I'm seeing My Manchester Boies perform live. In Manila. Twice. For free. Whowouldvethunkdat. ]

Despite getting it all wrong every single time I try harder to make some extra The 1975 things happen for me, it's all worth the trouble. I owe my fangirl self that much, try and get myself a chance encounter with them. Fangirl state of mind, ladies and gentlemen. Big love to my Manchester Boies, I have done a lot of firsts in my fangirl life for you and I have been a fangirl all my life already, I myself didn't think it's possible. Don't ask why but heck, if it ain't obvious enough already, The 1975 falls right under my not going is not option category. So you know - all ways, always.

It's happening. It may have given me a huge deal of both fortunate and unfortunate events but that doesn't change the fact it's going to happen. The 1975 x The Girl and The City, that is. UNREAL.

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