April 19, 2014

An Epilogue: Meeting THE 1975 x Giveaway Giving Back Gift

This will be the longest running series of episodes here on the blog: The 1975: An Interlude; How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen; #MattyThings; The 1975 Live in Manila 2014. Yet another first with My Manchester Boies. I obviously couldn't stop talking about them even after a couple of weeks since their Manila Tour and even after they've gone home to London for the Royal Albert Hall gig and currently continents apart from where I am for Coachella and US Spring Tour. I guess it's safe to say this is how I deal. It had taken  me a while to share it because I wanted to keep the memory to myself first. Not that I don't want to share it at all though, I just don't want to diffuse it yet.
Five days. We were under the same Manila skies for 5 days. So when I started seeing uploaded photos and stories of chance encounters with the boies, I wanted to have one for myself - I was fairly determined to go and get me one actually. I thought it'll be a piece of cake since I have been doing similar tactics of increasing the chances with some people I fancy before and it had all been successful. But oh boy, not this time around and I will soon learn and accept that easy isn't going to happen between The 1975 and I. Let me give you an idea...
A typical day in a life of a The 1975 fan. You will line up for 16 hours pre-gig. Yep, give or take. Sitting on the floor, standing in line or what have you to get into the pit or thisclose to the band on stage. You will watch them perform for 45 minutes or so and it will be the happiest 45 minutes of your life. And then you will wait for another 2 hours or so post-gig to have a chat or a selfie with Matty, who happens to be too much of a babe for his own good. And when you get to do so, you will declare how the time, effort, tears, sweat, money you've spent is all worth it and how that day is the best day of your life because you've been to the best concert ever
Familiar with? I wasn't. Until I had to see things for myself. These things actually happen? And I say I'm a hardcore fangirl... Mad respect to all of the legit ones out there! That's why I have given up on the thought and the whole idea of meeting them. Not going to happen for me. Because even if I want it bad enough, my bad enough turns out to be least for the rest of the boys' fans. It's just so bloody hard when you don't the connections or the heart of a determined teenage fangirl or you're too old for any of it - I am the latter. I look around me and I even see girls with parents lining up with and for them! How crazy insane is that!
After their Trinoma gig, I decided to stay behind because I learned from the Glorietta show that they will be having the Meet and Greet session and CD signing on stage so I can still have a good look at them even from afar. Also, because that's only time I can finally breathe properly again and restore whatever energy is left of me after being smashed down to the core of the pit. And little did I know that's when the musical genies would make their presence felt in my life all over again - along with the fangirl gods and goddesses. I may never be a hardcore fangirl, but this I know for sure - I am such a spoiled one.
Why you ask? Because if you'd ask me how did I end up meeting THE 1975 Boies when I have absolutely no chance at all, I'd say it's because someone randomly approached me and asked for the color of the stub he is holding. Yep. Not typical at all. That someone's Rio. At first I was weirded out, it's a bright red so how can you not, but I then understood why, Rio here is colorblind. Who also happened to flew in from Cebu just to watch the boies perform live, went staright from the airport to Trinoma s'why he was able to make the 1st 100 cut. He then asked me if I'm out there alone and I said yes because that's the truth. We then shared a hug because the weight of the things we do for the things we love will be way lighter to bear when shared and hey, that's just how we roll! I then felt like I needed to tell him more than what he asked for so I explained how he's up next, right after the M&G stub holders. He's with a friend and they've got 2 stubs but they stayed with me until the time they were called out and I just stood there and died a little from envy - the good kind though. I thought that was really it for me... Game over.
Until I saw his friend walking back towards me. As it turns out, you need a stub and actual CD to get in - he doesn't have one because it's with Rio's cousin who had to leave for work. I racked my brains for an instant solution because time's running out! And that's when I volunteered my copy of CD inlet which I have been carrying inside my bag just in case a signing situation will present itself, I left the CD itself because it's a boxed one so it will prolly get damaged if I carry it around. And what happened next send me into oblivion for the next few seconds. He refused to get the CD inlet from me but instead handed me his stub and told me to go and give it a try. Long story short, I forgot everything that I have planned to say in Matty's pretty face because that's what happens when you suddenly end up with a CD signing stub and a chance to meet the guys in a span of what, 10 minutes??!! All a bit too much for meeee!!! Now if this isn't the chance encounter I have been praying slash wishing for the whole time, then I don't know what is!
You see, mine isn't even thisclose to the typical, if anything this isn't close to majority of the stories I've read and heard. I didn't get to have a #MattySelfie or a #HealyHug but I got this...And THIS. Not so bad ei? And for now, it's actually more than enough, even a bit too much. And this is ever meant to be and maybe since I didn't get any the first time, I know for sure, there'll be a next time - an endless amount of next time. See you Round 2? But then, with The 1975, who's counting? Bring on the stalking! HA!

Epilogue. My series of fortunate and unfortunate events. Can we take a moment to appreciate how Matty and Ross were strategically and conveniently seated next to each other? Because it matters to me, save the best for last much? Hahaha. Anyway, I get to meet the boies and exchange one-liners and warm smiles with them. They're the happiest bunch out there, all smiles, all warm, all fuzzy. How is that even a possibility for a not-a-popband band? Unreal. BUT lo and behold! I do not have a single decent photo to validate my experience. I'm the one with the NO SLEEP snapback! The security guys keep blocking the way! One too many times actually! Like when Ross' hand was reaching for mine - there goes the guy. When Ross flashed me his dimpled toothy smile, there goes another guy! What a shame. But on second thought, it's well-printed inside of my head via my selective photographic memory anyway, I guess it will remain under the few things I'd still be able to keep for myself, undiffused. Just the way I like it.

That's myself and Rio right there. I feel extremely blessed and highly favored by the fangirl gods and goddesses for meeting a friend thru The 1975. He gave me something I could never give back, AND I DO MIND. So I wanted to make up for it by giving back some massive love just the same. To 1) Rio, I know he'd be happy to hear about this little something if ever; 2) My Manchester Boies, I know they'd love to see the love going around; 3) everyone else who's been giving me the same amount of massive love thru Instagram every time I put up a The 1975 photo or blab, by giving away a little something from The Girl and The City. I decided on giving away my other signed The 1975 Album Booklet, the one I won from The 1975 Fan Party hosted by Astroplus, to one of you out there who's possibly forever suffering from a however hardcore fangirl hangover brought to us by Matthew, George, Adam and Ross like myself. I figured since I've blabbed enough about the how good their lyrics are just as much as how good-looking these British Boies are, it is just but proper to let you in the know of the lyrics and have a better understanding of what Matty's been saying - I know you get me when I say this, hahaha! 
// TGTC x THE 1975 Giveaway Giving Back Gift // 
Have you, like myself, died and went straight to The 1975 Heaven? I'm giving away (my other) signed CD booklet!
So here we go. No fuss. One step and we're done!
1. Like (or "heart") the photo I will upload on Instagram linking this blog post.

Only then I keep a track of your names and/or identities. That's it! I'd raffle off the hearters and then I'd randomly pick one after a week, that'll be on April 26th. Donezo! Also, if you fancy sharing in the comment box below your own Meeting The 1975 Story, I'd loooove to read all about it, I'm sure you all have lots compared to mine! Also, I hope this inspires you, to say the least. I've been personally running on a The 1975 fangirl fuel since and life can't get any better at the moment. I hope yours is just as fabulous because taking it from one of our faves, "life's too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don't care." At least we can all agree on the fact that these Manchester Boies of ours, they do care, they will all ways, always care. And that's LOVE, love. //

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All photos by Rio Delizo.

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