August 21, 2013

TDUG: Be What You Seek

Zara TRF plain v-neck tee // New Look skinny jeans // Kickers platforms // H&M necklace // Prada specs

I bet you've heard me obsessing about plain white tees a bajillion times already and so here I am thinking it's just but appropriate to show you my personal take on them. They say be what you seek right? I seek for someone who can very well pull off a plain white tee. A particular someone actually. But girls relax, it's not your Daniel Padilla I'm particular about. I know somehow, he's been tagged as THE plain-white-shirt-lang- okay-na kinda guy because of Kathryn Bernardo's statement but that's just how it is with us girls. We all like the same thing somehow, we just end up having a different brand or package altogether I guess. Anyways....

We don't have uniforms in our line of work but with the rate my Fridays are going, I might as well have and it's the el classico, plain white shirt for me. I have been wearing the same thing for about a month now. Although when I say the same thing I just mean the same theme and not the same piece of shirt per se.  Here is one Friday I managed to snap photos of using my ever favourite companion, Brandon the Blackberry.

The Kickers platforms. I have had this since high school! When Kickers, Marithe Francois Girbaud and Hedgren were some of the trends. 90's baby here! I haven't worn them in years! Like more than 5 years or so and it's juts surprising to see them still in tact with no trace of defect at all and I've kept them in a box, that's all! I was aiming for a minimal, laid-back look and I thought this is the perfect pair to use. The jeans fit me so well, it hugs your legs in the right places and the shade of faded denim just gives out the relaxed feel to the look.

Now, the plain white shirt. Let's start by having the perfect undergarment because that's critical and I think that's self-explanatory. I almost always go for a nude shade, I'm conservative like that. But if I'm being brave and bold, I'd pick up a lacey black, just to add a bit of sexiness to the rather plain outfit. But this will be more appropriate when heading to a night out or anywhere else save for the office, methinks. Haha! Moving on to the shirt itself, not all plain white shirts can be flattering and of good quality that's why there's an endless search for it for me. I wish I can afford a T by Alexander Wang but no, I can't and I don't see it happening for me anytime soon. I heard Madewell's got some flattering tees too, but that's all I'll have of it, so I can't really say... Hahaha! So I was a very happy kid when I chanced upon this one from the TRF section of the good ole Zara. This one actually fits me like a glove and on to the right places, providing an illusion of my non-existent waistline and the v-cut is subtle enough and not too deep up there. They've got quite a selection out there so there'll be no problem looking for a piece that suits you and flatters your body type the most.

The default trick is to excessorize. However I am not one to do so, as I've shared here. So I just make do with statement pieces every so often. This time around it's my specs which I blogged a coupla months ago and the overexposed, overused H&M necklace. I'm thinking of revamping them up as I've seen some DIY projects online but I can't seem to do it. So in love with this piece apparently. The pops of neon green always works for me. I maybe biased or maybe just stubborn but I really like it, I don't even see myself getting tired of it. The specs though is a different story altogether, I've always had people complimenting me whenever I use this pair, it almost always never go unnoticed. It's also a conversation starter, I actually have once been told, out of nowhere by someone that it looks like a fence, or bakod in Tagalog and we ended up chatting for a good 5 minutes after that.

Oh wow. I can't believe I can say a huge lot about a plain white shirt. Unbelievable. But I guess I've always had a fascination for it in me. That if I see you pulling off a plain white tee, there's a 90% chance I like you already!
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