August 21, 2013


Ralph Lauren knitted top // Mango dress worn as skirt // My brother's Black Parka // H&M Necklace

Happy to announce I'm finally blogging with a view of sunshine outside our window pane! Hallejujah! It has been an awful five-day-weekend over our side of the planet. We've experienced enough rain for a month in 3 days, do the Math. And now I can only wish for everything to be restored - faith, homes and hearts.

It's weird but I find it extra inspiring to dress up for rainy days. And I hate the rain. I don't like the feeling of carrying an umbrella around, for one. But I do love the layering that comes necessary with the chills the rainy days can offer. So that Sunday night, I scrambled through mine and my mom's closet for knitwear and luckily I found this! If I remember it right, it's a gift from my Pops. Not a fan of violet hues but this pastel one reminds me of cotton candies and matches well with my favouritest accessory of all time, the neon and crystal necklace from H&M so I'll take it. I figured with the gloomy weather we're all having, pops of happy colours will surely help brighten our days up a bit. I also regret not having enough sweaters and parkas, even a trench coat wouldn't hurt to have in this weather if you're going to work on a daily basis that I might just start investing on some pieces soon. So I just borrowed this black parka from my brother with a detachable hood up on its neckline, how convenient! Like I said, I don't want carrying an umbrella around so pulling up the hood when the rain's not that heavy is one way to go for me. Also, I know it's not seen here but I changed from my usual purse to a subtle leather backpack too! I couldn't be bothered to be carrying a purse when I'm already carrying an umbrella and a backpack will fit well inside the parka I'm wearing so no bother at all! See? I told you. I am far more inspired during rainy days. But I still don't like the rain.

And oh, this is an #AOTD because the moment I got dressed and geared up for work, I received a call from a colleague that our works day's been suspended. I never got around to wearing it out, hence it falls under the Almost Outfit of The Day category. The situation has been that crazy out here, work day suspension levels. So I ended up going back home and slipping into my shirt dress and eating fiction all through the day. Which isn't so bad at all had it not been for the fact that my country's been poorly victimized by another mother nature's rage for the nth time in my twenty plus years of existence. Sad times.

If you're from the Philippines, please keep safe and dry. Keep warm and hug someone. If you're not, please say a prayer for us, for the storm to leave our country already, it's been almost a week and we've had too much already. But it would hurt for you to keep warm and hug someone too, that's not going to be so bad at all, ei? Gracias. Thank you. Danke. Shukran. Salamat po.

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