July 02, 2013

TDUG: You Fit Me Better

Zara Man sweater | Splash skater skirt | Keds sneakers | Casio watch | Tomato bracelets

Gone were the rainy days for now but for the past week, we have had rain showers so the temperature and humidity eased up a bit and I was able to afford wearing sweaters! *happy dance* One of the adjustments I had to go through, and the toughest I must say, is getting back to tropical dressing again. I have always been fascinated with sweaters, blazers, jackets and cardigans - wrong continenticity forever.

This is what I wore on casual Friday at work. This oversized sweater is actually my brother's. Just to give you an idea how oversized it is, even on him, it's still so big and he's around 5'10. But I like how slouchy it looks on me. And since it is baggy as it is already, I thought of putting my hair in a top bun to casually put it together. I paired it with my skater skirt and sparkly sneaks to create a cheerleader vibe of some sort. To slightly perk up my dark themed look, I decided to throw an arm party of colours! These are mixed bracelets from Tomato which are on sale! Don't you love how it instantly perks up the whole look? I do! If it were up to me, I'd dress up everyday looking like this. So effortless, comfortable and so practical.

How do you dress up for your casual Fridays at work? Are you a fan of oversized sweaters?


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