July 17, 2013

TDUG: Perfect Partnership with Plains & Prints

H&M striped bodysuit / Plains & Prints trousers / H&M wedges & scarf / Mango bag

Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post. (Then let us all have a moment since I have long wanted to drop those lines but I never did till now! HAHA!) Anyway... This may not be a sponsored one but it is however a homage to my girl, @annecurtissmith for being the newest brand ambassador of Plains & Prints!

Spot my 4 year old trousers, one of the oldest pairs I have, and it's from good ole brand! I have always avoided wearing them though since I personally felt like it doesn't flatter me at all. Until I found all the right pieces to put together and create a look that will suit my body type the most, at least by my standards. Since I'm already wearing a loose fitting pair of pants, I wanted to create an illusion of shape by pairing it with a slightly fitting top. I chose this striped bodysuit and it's a given it will surely hug me tight. I get pretty conscious whenever I wear body-hugging-clothes so I had to add something that will distract people from looking at my front area so I did add a busy-looking-scarf. Stripes and prints, doesn't get any busier than that ei? The rightest choice of shoes would be wedges or a pair of stilettos to help you maximize the effect of the look, or else you'd look like a walking human floor mop. This time, I opted for my colorful wedges from H&M with just the right height and would add some color to a rather monochrome look. I am never without a bag, let alone a big bag. This one's from Mango I got on sale from one of the Emirates' season sales! It can fit everything I need for a day inside!

And lastly, let me leave you with this.

The Annebisyosa meets the Joysilusyonada.  

Our perfect partnership with Plains & Prints.
image from @markednicdao instagram
When I grow up, I want to be Anne Curtis Smith.

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