July 04, 2013

TDUG: I Bleed Black Gold

MNG crochet cover up & black muscle tee | Black leggings at random | F21 pearl necklace

Unsure of how this will look once published as I'm blogging using a tablet for the first time! I've been feeling a bit lousy to use a proper desktop/laptop the past days because a monitor's all I've been staring at for 8 hours a day at work, a girl can only take too much a day! It's far more convenient to laze around the couch and then the bed eventually when using a tablet, and I'm currently lying down, semi-tucked in my fluffy comforter as we speak.

Having an almost non-existent dress code at work, it gets pretty tough trying to decide whether an outfit's too casual for a non-Friday or it's too formal for regular weekday. So I try to play around with textures and accessories. This time around, I picked up this gold crocheted Mango cover up to take the spotlight of an all black ensemble and complimented it with the classics: pearl necklace from Forever21 and red lips. I love the royal vibe of black and gold combination that's why I kept everything else minimal. And nothing says classic more than pearls and red lipstick. I am so sure Marilyn Monroe's with me on this, ha! To complete the look, you can either dress it up to the nines by wearing black pumps or dress it down by wearing black ballet flats. I opted for the ballet flats because walking is a very vital part of my everyday work life and walking in heels along the busy streets of the metro isn't just my thing anymore, hahaha!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite combination to mix and match when it comes to clothes?


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PS. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos as I am just using a tablet these days. It will all get better soon, promise! // J

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