July 04, 2013

Bits and Bobs and a Lottle

I've missed my blog.

I know I'm all about how one should not be defined by his/her job, but sometimes your body and mind just aren't cut for it. Sometimes you're just too tired to function, too tired to complain. Actually, complaining is not even an option for me, why would I even think of complaining when this is what I want... for now. It's just really the exhaustion that will take its toll on you eventually.

And whilst tirelessly working on an excel file yesterday, I was randomly reminded of one of my favorite quotes from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a long one but this part hit me the most - I hope you live a life you're proud of and if you find out that you're not, I hope you find the courage to start all over again. I guess I found the courage then, have I? I guess I was braver than I ever gave myself credit for. I guess unless you proceed with reckless abandonment, you will never know.

I'm excited for July! New things happening here on the blog. I can finally afford to update you guys on a daily basis about beauty bits and whatnots! Come back and check out my What Would Joys Say feature by then! There can also be a looming concert experience, something I never thought possible but since the fangirl gods are ever on my favor, it'll be rude not to try and see them live! It may also be the reason behind ticking off one item from my non-existent Bucket List as I'll be going solo! I'm quite excited actually. Like I can be standing there alone in the midst of the crowd and still be the happiest fangirl. Must be the bucket list state of mind, eh. Plus, I'll be needing liquid courage, I hope it's available out there. Or maybe not necessary anymore because I just found out Up Dharma Down will be opening the show for them! AAAAHHHH! I can never thank the universe enough! I'll probably get high from UDD already I won't be needing any liquid courage anymore. So watch out for it under The Girl Is She. I still owe you my The Script 2.0 experience, the moment had passed me by but that's what memories are for, when the moment passed you by, you can always randomly access them thru memories. Aw, I'm such forever fangirl drama queen. The new season for collegiate and professional basketball leagues are just around the corner! I cannot even begin to say how I miss watching the PBA! Okay, maybe not exactly the PBA but the players. Right, not even many of them but *cough Christopher Ryan cough*. It's just been too long and I really hope Petron gets to stay in the conference longer this time! Yep, my boie is the sixfooterish scruffie who makes them beautiful bulletpasses and killer crossovers. Any guesses? *hint hint* UAAP is history, like I need to experience even just one UST game LIVE, even if I don't know more than half of the team already, it's just something I have to do after not being able to for 3 years! We've ot the first assignment done, took down the Archers in a classic DLSUST OT game during the opening. One for UST!

I've been updating The Dress Up Girl though. I think it's the most updated category these days because I really find it more inspiring to dress up when the temperature's down a bit. Because like I said, I am a cardigan/sweater person and the appropriate season has finally arrived! Here's another sneak peek of yet another outfit post up this weekend!

You're definitely not imagining things. There was one day it was too cold, I managed to survive the whole day in a wool sweater. Not convinced? Watch this space.

It's almost the weekeeeeeeeend! I can't believe how time's been flying like cray! And to all of you out there celebrating, happy 4th of July to my future NYC neighbour and my favourite FilAm boie everrr. *hint hint again*

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