May 16, 2013

WWJS: Marc Jacobs Sunshine Limited Edition Perfume

LUSH. FRUITY. FLORAL. Daisy Sunshine Edition is a sun-kissed expression of the iconic Daisy fragrance. 
The heart blooms with joyous notes of spring blossoms and tender lychee, then dries down to a velvety base of blushing apricot skin and musky woods.
NOTES - top: red currant, guava and juicy mandarin; heart: lily of the valley, violet and lychee; base: apricot skin, blonde woods and musks.

PLAYFUL. FLORAL. FRUITY. Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition is bolder and fruitier than the original with an energetic addictive fruity top, a breeze of airy floral petals in the heart, and a smooth, velvety base of subtle sweetness. 
NOTES - top: strawberry, apple blossom, pink grapefruit; heart: jasmine petals, day lily, rose; base: violet leaf, white oak moss, amber wood.
If only Summer of 2013 can come with an official scent to mark its occurrence, it will probably be a battle between these two bottled scents from MARC by Marc Jacobs! See what I did there? I know what you're thinking... Yet another too pretty and yummy from the outside welcome addition to my (non-existent) perfume collection on my antique dresser? Most definitely! You fairly know I judge perfumes by their bottle designs and packaging so let us all take a moment and be in awe of this limited Sunshine edition. It surely looks like they had girls like me, who can be a sucker for all things summery and pretty, as inspiration while coming up with a design for this collection!

WWJS | Daisy Sunshine. There's the classic Marc Jacobs Daisy and then there's this limited-edition collection for the summer! You'd easily spot the difference as the limited edition vibrates and radiates summer all over! The daisies on the cap are solid bursts of happy colors and the perfume itself is of golden sunshine hue. Tell me if it doesn't look like a bottled up emotion of a summer-I-turned-all-pretty just by looking at it from the outside! Now, if you love the Classic Daisy, you'll probably find this scent more fun, vibrant combined with class and sophistication. It's feminine to a certain level yet with a splash of freshness that it doesn't sting nor in any way strong. I can see myself wearing it on a daily basis, all summer long, especially in the mornings for we can always use an extra dose of sunshine to our every day, yes? And just for a bit of a contrast here, think Miranda Kerr. The kind of woman she represents can very much appreciate this for her summer scent and I'd like to very much believe I am that kind of woman, or at least that's how I feel like when I spray on Daisy Sunshine!

WWJS | Eau So Fresh Sunshine. Here's the another version of the Daisy Sunshine which basically has the same cap, daisy petals bursting with happy summer colors, but the noticeable difference is the lemonade pink shade that can easily make you feel refreshed just by looking at it. I love this shade of pink, it's like the 10th, a healthy pink blush - the way you get your cheeks get blushed on naturally when a certain happy memory crosses your mind. Now, this is sweeter and fruitier, like how a cotton candy tastes like. And just like Daisy Sunshine can be worn on a daily basis but with moderation maybe. Like when you would want to inject a certain amount of sweetness to your mood, a pick-me-upper. And finally to add a bit of a contrast, think Taylor Swift. The kind of woman she represents can very much enjoy this scent for her sweet summer. Every once in a while, life offers us a summer when we'll be enchanted to meet someone for the very first time or excited to see things begin again. And this scent will surely help you maximize the effect of these moments, one puff of Eau So Fresh and boom!

It's always a bit tricky reviewing perfumes, I never get around to doing it as much as I want to because I still can't find a tangible way of doing so, if you get what I mean. Nothing beats walking into Debenhams and suffocating yourself up with all the scents but at least, you get to try them on yourself. When words fail, other senses make up for it. And if this post makes you fancy this Limited Ed collection, I still suggest you go and visit a nearest shopping mall and get a whiff or two. Let me know if you do ended up getting one or any! Personally, if only for the bottles and the packaging alone, I'm already sold!

PS. To all the handsome boys out there, you know the famous scene from No Strings Attached? The one bit where Ashton Kutcher is holding out several pieces of carrots to Natalie Portman because she said, "no flowers"?

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PPS. Yeah that. Some of us still don't want any flowers. But just so you know, some of us considers other alternatives too, like a daisy in a bottle perhaps? Hint hint!
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