May 01, 2013

TGAT: Spaturdays at Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa

When life offers you a spa session, you say yes right away! No questions asked, no further information needed. That's basically what happened between me and my first trip to the Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa. I was invited over to try the spa services of the Savvy Chic by my favourite person, Tito Billy. He's friends with the lovely owner, Ms. Carol who welcomed us warmly upon our arrival, along with her equally lovely army of girls. Its location was out of the ordinary, a perfect way to rest because you purposely go out of your way to pamper and give yourself a little treat. However, that was for me as I came all the way from Bulacan, but if you live around the area, especially if you study around the vicinity, (I heard FEU-NRMF students are some of their avid costumers), then you might want to give the Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa a visit and experience its savvyness and chicness for yourself!

Upon stepping right outside the white washed off doors, there's a whole lot of vintage vibe already going on, I'd go about a say a bit Parisian also. The whole place kind of reminds me my experience with Cafe 1771 as they almost share the same concept, colors even! The nail station goes to your right, there are about 8 and the spa stations to the left, they have 2. I highly suggest you book an appointment, especially if it's the spa treatment you're after as one session can last for at most an hour. They have quite a selection of nail polishes from Orly, Guccio, Misa Nail Lacquer and The Face Shop. They offer an affordable yet a very satisfying experience with your every visit. They come out with interesting ideas every once in a while too. Like the Frequent Visit Card wherein a treat awaits you of you visit them often! The salon is also conveniently equipped with everything to keep you going while waiting - there is, of course a speedy wi-fi connection, a serene atmosphere to maximize the relaxation effect of your pampering, a quaint shop outside where they sell accessories, bags and clothes at random and they also offer a complimentary iced tea drink whilst you go about and enjoy the service of your choice.

I personally love the idea of taking time out and spending time just pampering yourself. All the more, gifting someone you love a pamper session of some sort. We all deserve one every once in a while. During my visit, I was able to spy on a granddaughter who brought her nanny for a pedicure session. How thoughtful is that! During weekdays, or mostly after the hell week aka exams week, they told us you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of students just wanting to have a reasonable break and a dose of pampering which they most definitely deserve. We were also told they hosted a Bridal Shower Party just the other night too, another concept we never would've considered some years ago! Because what better way to say goodbye to singlehood than a massive, strictly all girls pamper session! I hope I have given you enough ideas on how a trip to the Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa can be a possibility for you any time soon.

Hurry now as I've heard the Savvy Chic's running some promos for the summer season! You wouldn't want to miss out on that and be beach ready as you'll ever be! I'm already planning as to when my next trip will commence. And do let me know if you have stopped by, I'd love to hear about your experience as well!

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