May 22, 2013

TGAT: J is for Joy at Bourjois 150th Birthday Celebration

During one afternoon a couple of days ago, Bourjois Paris had the pleasure of hosting an event a la Bourjois at Bambah Boutique on Jumeirah 1 to celebrate its 150th birthday! The Girl and The City on the other hand though had the non-pleasure of missing the celebration, sad times. Knowing how parties are thrown a la Bourjois, I can still remember my tea party experience with them as one of the cutest one I've been invited to, I was gutted to miss this one and the opportunity to feel all the fun and quirkiness all over again, let alone the chance to meet and greet a whole new bunch of interesting people.

Case in point? Look at those smiling faces above! And would you look at that centerpiece of a cake, what a pretty non-little thing! Bambah Boutique is pink all over and transformed into a Bourjois haven, please take note of the pink balloons hanging up to the ceiling and the beauty products scattered all over! And you know how it is with pink and make-up for us girls, you can never ever have too much pink, or too much make-up... there's just no such thing! Ahhhh, how dreamy!

150th. Can you imagine? 150 years old! In celebration of yet another style and beauty milestone, the Bourjois team made us look back at the beautiful things they have accomplished. For the past years, Bourjois has surprised women all over the world, and here's the thing... As they reach the 150th mark and approach the coming years ahead with J for Joy mentality, they promise that this is just a beginning! And I am just as excited as you are. Because when they say beautiful, they surely aren't kidding! When you take a look at their vintage products collection to the hottest new trends, they all look so beautiful! Indeed getting prettier as the years go by. 

Congratulations Bourjois Paris and the team! Like what they say, better late than never so here I am sending you my belated 150 birthday kisses! Here's to more J if for Joy years ahead!

* PR supplied photos

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