May 07, 2013

TDUG: Screw Dress Codes

 Thrifted blazer & silk shorts // H&M sleeveless heer top // Adora necklace // Purse borrowed from Le Madre

I have no idea why the photos turned out to be blurry and crappy, apologies dear readers, considering I was even initially proud of myself that I actually single-handedly managed an impromptu photoshoot and it literally cost me a bucketful of sweat. Sad times. I hope the outfit altogether makes up for it, though I highly doubt that.

Big girl shoes came to work today! I was turned into a morning person overnight and the late realization that of all the days, I had to choose a Monday hit me when I was putting together my #OOTD the night before. I had to run around errands in the metro and it requires a certain dress code: a corporate one. Now ain't that a piece of cake, you'd say! I say, yes maybe, in normal circumstances but not in this heat and extremely unfair summer weather.

I've put together a total of 4 outfits, beating my last record which is for Sandance when I had 3. However I ended up picking out the monochrome look which consists of the basic - blazer, white top, black trousers and black pumps. I got the blazer from the one thrift store trip I made around the Emirates. I really like the color and the material but I still don't know how I feel about it, unsure if the cut fits me well or should I have it altered. The sleeveless sheer top from H&M is my favorite summer piece! Although if I'm being honest, it's my favorite all-season-long piece! There's a new design on sale now, with the scalloped ends, this one is more of a criss-cross type. But I think it's of the same material, even the same cut which just hangs perfectly on the right sides of your body. Maybe you're wondering if I actually wore these shorts to my said errand... Actually no. I paired it with black trousers but this is where the screwed dress code part takes place - I changed into these silk shorts as soon as I can! Oh what joy to bare thy legs, I just didn't think it's possible to run around in trousers, impossibility even! Since I had to wear pumps for that extra dose of confidence, I also had to change into my H&M loafers right after (not in the photo though). But I think you will agree with me when I say what's my favorite part of this look. It has got to be the purse which is my gift to Mi Madre but she willingly let me borrow for the day! I loooove the solid burst of orange! It literally breaks the eyes non and totally completes the whole outfit.

You know what they say, dress how you want to be addressed. I felt more comfortable and confident in this ensemble and I needed to feel those so I went for it! Dress codes can be restraining especially if your style is never bound to rules and you're always experimenting. But like all things in life, there are boundaries and if the code says corporate, you give them corporate. But you can always give the look a little twist, like what I ended up doing here!

What do you think? What do you feel about dress codes, do you comply or go against it?

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