April 16, 2013

TGAT: The Walk Jumeira Beach Residences

A Day in A Life of TGTC at The Walk JBR

A day in a life of The Girl and The City. Or how I at least wish my everyday would be like.

JBR The Walk is one of my favorite places in Doobstown for the most obvious reasons. One, I'm a walker. I can definitely spend a day walking around and you won't hear me complaining. So the whole "The Walk" concept of the place is a very appealing trait to me. It is a long stretch of boutiques and food establishments that will cater all your needs from breakfast to lunch and coffee breaks and to after office hours drinks! Secondly, I am not a morning person but I actually prefer breakfast dates so despite the irony of it all, it kind of thrills me how I can make that a possibility when I go to The Walk. Here I was, with my friend Teen, one chilly Friday morning, doing exactly that - a breakfast date at IHOP, The Walk. We opted for our personal selection of the so-called, "breakfast of the champions" - crepes, hash brown, eggs, bacons and pancakes!

And then here comes the third, the open beach which is literally just a "walk" away from the strip! We spent the rest of the afternoon by the beach, people-watching, daydreaming-out-loud, laughing hysterically over not-so-random thoughts and watching a newbie pilot practice his craft up in the air. Which I think is nature's way of allowing us to have as many wishes as possible as we went on pretending that airplane was a shooting star. Then the fourth, you know, I can go on chasing sunsets and I prefer doing most of them chase at The Walk when I can. I may be very biased but it really looks so good when its as vast as the view you can get whilst sitting on the sand of The Walk's Open Beach.

And then finally, coffee. A day is never complete without grabbing a cuppa. I don't know what it is with coffee and coffee shops, but I like being in one as much as I like drinking one. There's a certain feel and batch of happy hormones in the whole experience that I just have to have it when I can. Being with my favorite people while I'm at it will have to be a very welcome cherry on top!

What's your ideal a-day-in-a-life-of like? And where's your fail-safe destination for one?

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