April 22, 2013

Ala TGTC: The Lipstick Depotting

 Ala TGTC : The Lipstick Depotting

Before anything else, this is yet another first for TGTC I'd like to call Ala TGTC, a sort of do-it-for-yourself kind of thing I have braved to conquer. I had to think about the first entry for this category and I'm so happy when the situation finally presented itself - divine intervention! I am not even sure if I can keep up with it but it's challenging and fun and something new, so here's to trying and I hope you'll like it!

I play favorites and this Kate Moss for Rimmel 101 is my recent an unwilling victim in the lipstick department. I don't think I have ever reached this point of lipstick level before, the ground zero. You girls probably get what I mean, when you've rotated it enough to the tip but the content's all used up, that's what I call the ground zero lipstick level. But then there's just so much more left inside the tube, deeper down into it, which is what I call the 6 feet under level. To have anything pretty go to waste is never an option, especially when it's your favorite shade of lipstick, so here's how you can enjoy it up o the last smudge! Let the Lipstick Depotting begin! 

You will need:
the ground zero'd lipstick
a container
a mini spatula (you can also use dental sticks, toothpicks, paperclips)
source of heat (will be using the candle method)
How to:
Using the mini spatula, scrape off the remains and dig deep into the lipstick tube. Be sure to get all, if not most, of what's left of it. Transfer it to the container slowly or all at once, your choice. A bit messy but it's nothing we girls can't handle. I initially used the broader tip for the ground zero area but then switched to using the slimmer end upon reaching the six feet under level. I got this container/spatula combo in a Japanese store and it's labeled as a "makeup container", how convenient and spot on, right? Anyway, once it's done, proceed to the heat transfer method. My source of heat is a candle inside this candle holder that has a flat top surface. I just put the container atop for about 5 minutes. It wasn't melted yet so I add a few more minutes until the whole lot's been liquefied. I blew the candle off, let the container cool down a bit before getting my hands to touching it again. When I did, it was only to tap it down a few times as to even out the surface. Leave it to dry for a while more...

Kate Moss for Rimmel 101, you have been depotted ala TGTC!

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  1. This is such a great idea!! Great post Joy.

    Love Zoe x


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