January 06, 2013

TDUG: Happy Place, Happy Feet

h&m white sheer top / bershka green bandeau / h&m scarf / h&m trousers / keds sneakers

I am not much of a sneaker person. This is my first pair in so long and now I'm hooked! I can't seem to take it off of me, I've been wrapping up outfit posts around it so you can expect a lot of blog airtime between me and these new glittery babies of mine. I got me a pair of metallic Keds sneakers over the massive sale held at The World Trade Center over the first week of December. I wasn't so sure if I can get away with it, let alone wear it, what with my big and non-shapely legs, but when I saw this pair, all my doubts disappeared and I immediately asked for my size. I'm a regular 8 but I think the sizing for Keds is slightly different, you may need to have to go down half a size, if not a size, I got a 7.5 and it fits me just as well.

A chance to give them a spin presented itself the next weekend after I bought them when my friend Teen and I decided to visit The Walk at JBR once again! We call it our happy place but since we both have an impossible work schedule and currently living in two different Emirates, I'm from Sharjah, she's from Abu Dhabi and this place's in Dubai, we can't be here as often as we wish to. But when we do, we're sure to make the most out of it. The Walk is not called such for nothing and that's why we ended up calling this day The Walking Day (with reference to the hit TV series, The Walking Dead)! Finally, something that I am actually is, I am a walker. I love taking walkies and this pair of Keds' a perfect companion. It's easy and comfortable and a statement on its own without trying hard to get noticed. And what other way to put a pair of sneaks on the spotlight than to minimize the rest of the outfit. I kept it light and easy, even with the colors. Obsessed with this H&M sheer top, it makes you look so fresh and sophisticated at the same time! I love the cuts and how it clings to your body as if you've got the curves and the collarbones to flaunt, ha! I wanted to feel extremely comfortable and you can't get that with denims so this cotton trousers from H&M is the way to go! Threw in a matching combo of scarf and bandeau in green to break the eyes and also to keep me warm as it was starting to get a bit cold in Dubai that time. As for the sneaks, happy to announce I've had both happy feet and happy heart at the end of The Walking Day - comfiest and chicest companion for a walk ever!

Enough about me, how about you? Are you a sneaker girl? How do you wear them and how often? Not going to lie, I have yet to own my very first and legit pair of Converse sneaks.

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