January 09, 2013

TDUG: Black Gold, Black White

mango dress / zara wedges / h&m scarf / rayban aviators

When I first wore this dress, it was for my birthday. Onto the next, it's for Jesus' birthday! Now it's beginning to look a lot like I've been reserving this classic LBD for very special occasions, doesn't it? This time around though I paired it with my super-wedges from Zara and printed scarf from H&M! I swear, this pair has the super-powers to make my legs appear and look mighty fine than they really are in real life. Since it's all black and blocked from there, I decided on throwing a printed scarf with gold and brown accents to balance it all out, if not add a royal touch to the whole outfit. Nothing says royal and pontifical than black and gold, I should know. Ha!

And this is where a typical outfit post gets rather interesting... Well, at least this one is! Back when we were still kids, my mom would insist on making us, her four children, wear the same colors, if not the same dress, for Christmas. Save for my little brother, my sisters and I will most probably end up wearing the same design for a dress only in different sizes. It went on like that for years until she can no longer make us, much to her disappointment. Ha! Fast forward to some years after and large continents apart, we somehow ended up carrying on the tradition. This is purely coincidental. In our native language, lukso ng dugo!

 That's my Littlest Sister and I, Dubai-based Esmaldes;
then the Pinas-based Esmaldes, our Unico Hijo and Littler Sister 

TA-DA! Spot the indifference! We all ended up wearing black and white themed outfits! And if you look closely, even our shoes match in some way. Wedges for us in black, me and my littler sister. Red bits for my littlest sis and little brother who were in white. Not going to lie, I'm kind of amazed myself. HA!

Of course the connection goes beyond the superficiality of clothes and shoes, and that's what I am grateful for the most. For these three? You bet, a thousand times over. Also, aren't we a bunch of vain kiddos? Like I said, lukso ng dugo!

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