January 07, 2013


"When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire."
The Burj Khalifa | NYE in DXB

Raise your hand if you think Dubai needs another holiday and that is for New Year's Eve! *raises both hands, arms and legs* That is so mainstream of me, I know, I know. But you can't really blame me when you all know I am a dork for celebrations and that my favourite time of any occasion is the day before, the hopeful anticipation of it all. I can only thank my lucky stars enough that we managed to catch a glimpse of the amazing Dubai skyline whilst Its Royal Hotness, The Burj Khalifa, set itself on fire come midnight! I had Gary Lightbody's words ringing inside of my head the whole time. "I love this city tonight, I love this city always." Have always been my Dubai sentiments exactly, but especially on New Year's Eve.

Since we'll be coming all the way from Sharjah, straight from work which ended at 9P the latest, we drive-thru'd our pre-NYE meals from Hardees before heading off to Dubai and brave the NYE traffic which was bad, but that was expected since we do not have the luxury of time to get to Downtown earlier. We don't have much of a choice so we just made the most of what we can with the situation. We arrived in the area just in time to look for a vantage point as getting inside downtown is really not much of an option anymore. That's when we saw and followed a trail of parked cars along Sheikh Zayed Road, which made me feel like I'm on the set of The Walking Dead, except people were dressed to the nines and not in filthy zombie outfits. Brilliant! People parked their cars along the road and settled themselves with the view from afar, the panoramic view of the downtown buildings including Burj Khalifa - a road long stretch of viewing deck. Breathtaking. Please take note of how Mother Nature made her presence felt by maximizing the effect of it all with cloudy skies and a full moon to top it all off!

The Girl and The City | NYE in DXB 3.0

I cannot stress enough on how much this is worth all the trouble for me. Though I may be biased since one of the things I do best is chasing fireworks that it's even included in my resume. It can get pretty overwhelming when you witness it live, especially for the first time. I kid you not, Charisse, our roommate and an Emirates first-timer altogether, cried while watching it and she's not even a cry baby! It makes your heart swell with so much hope and love and happy hormones, you can't even begin to think why and how. Isn't that an awesome collection of feels to begin a new year with? It's my third time to witness it and it surely still feels like the first every time. And I'd choose to do it over and over again. Although after this particular night, I came to a realization. I usually go on declaring, "Eiffel Tower can wait" because who needs that when you already have Burj Khalifa... That's still me, just not this coming year though, not this time around for I'm claiming it this early - "Eiffel Tower, you're next!"

To chances and changes. To 2o13 and beyond! Happy new year, dear readers and friends! Here's to hoping we're all headed to our best and most blessed year yet! *pops champagne* CHEERS! xxx

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