November 26, 2012

TDUG: Zara's Got It Bad

I finally got around to watching the half-finale of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn II, with the girls last night and this is the outfit I came out with. When going to the movies, I always consider two things: comfort and coziness. Something comfortable so I can lounge around my cinema seat all I want and however I want then cozy so I don’t get chilly inside the cinema as in any given circumstance, I always get easily cold. I instantly thought of my version of the TopshopGEEK/DWEEB shirts being styled differently around the blog universe these days. Mine however was from Zara that I got on sale earlier this year and instead it says BAD, not bad ei? Topshop's got it in GEEK/DWEEB/LOSER, Zara's got it BAD. Since wearing jeans can only mean uncomfortable seating in all angle possible, I opted for the leggings. I wanted this and this from the H&M collection but I don’t have either of them in my closet just yet so I grabbed what’s available in there, my animal printed ones which aren’t bad too! This is from a thrift store in Dubai and with a white lining fabric on the insides so you won’t feel as naked when worn. I threw in a light-weight blazer which is another thrift find to make the outfit look put-together and for precaution - to keep me from being a frozen cinema delight basically. The shoes are the most comfortable flats I own from good ole Zara, I’ve been wearing it out, literally and figuratively, especially right now as I’m having issues with my feet. I’m really hoping it’s nowhere near gout/rheumatic range because I am just in my late twenties! Bones, don’t fail me just yet! Hahaha! I didn’t bother on accessorizing at all, nothing but the boyfriend watch to remind me of our 1020P schedule.

Eye of the Emirates @ Al Qasba

Before hitting the cinemas though, we roamed a bit around Al Qasba first. Where you can find the Eye of the Emirates and as it turns out, an overpriced potato in a stick! It’s a good place to spend your Fridays. Diverse crowd, plenty of activities and rides to choose from, wide range of restaurants, caf├ęs and even ice cream parlors! I somehow keep forgetting that the fireworks are happening on Thursdays, not Fridays! So y’all, hear hear! If like me, you’re fond of chasing fireworks too! We chilled on the steps, overlooking the Eye and parallel to the creek and took lots of photos! Needless to say, we were on the receiving end of lots and lots of dodged glances from the crowd! So we might as well put up a good show eh? At around 1010P though, we hopped into a cab en route to the Grand Cinema building in Buhaira, where Edward Anthony Maison Cullen's waiting for me to spend pour toujours with him – but I’m afraid that’s for another blog entry!

Thrifted blazer / Zara BAD shirt / Thrifted leggings / Zara shoes / Splash purse

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