November 01, 2012

What I Wore To Sandance 3.0

It probably won’t surprise you anymore if I go on and tell you I had more than one outfit change during the night. I will never understand why I can’t seem to settle with just one look for the entire event. You know the drill: PreSandance - At Sandance - Post Sandance.

The Beach Glamourosa. I decided on wearing a black glittered Cleopatra-inspired cocktail dress from Plains and Plains and red strappy sandals from Zara for the main event. I was aiming for the beach glam look and might have taken it too seriously with the black and the glitter bits, not to mention the red stappy sandals too. What’s more glam than red and black combo right? The cover up is just a throw over since I can’t risk exposing any more skin than usual until I reach the venue. The contrast between the fabrics were surprisingly edgy I actually liked it, don’t you think so too?

The Casual Chica. But then I always seem to forget that when in Sandance, or amidst the Sandancers at least, the less clothes you have on, the better! It can get pretty hot inside the crowd core, which is where we’re at, so I had to make do and adapt with the situation. I pulled my dress up, tucked it midway, my shorts as my undergarment came in handy, I had to expose my legs or I’ll die from suffocation… et voila, second look of the night. A statement top that’ll make you stand out from the crowd to go with your good ole shorts and you’re good as new!

The Rebellious Bella.  And then after some more singing and dancing and a bit of drinking, the dress ended up soaked in liquid of all sorts – sweat, drinks of my neighbors’ and I so I had to ditch it too and decided on wearing just the undergarments I have had on – the bandeau and the shorts with the denim cover up which perfectly works and fits the occasion just as much, if not at all perfectly. And since there’s no other place in here you can pull of a rebel look like this, save for the beach, you might as well!

How I ended up on top of this cube for a photo op, I have no idea. Must be the Heineken eh? HA! That's how good the night has been for me! Wrapped up three looks in one night? I am most definitely one fickle-minded woman, thank you very much.

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