July 14, 2012

WWJS: John Frieda Hair Glossing Mist

John Frieda Frizz-Ease - 29AED*

Back in the Philippines, I have been carrying a hair glossing product with me religiously. I think I have tried all there is to try - from Citre Shine to Vitress to Cream Silk, the leave-on moisturizer. I used Vitress for the longest time as it works for my frizzy hair, smells okay and doesn't stick that much. Until I made the move and I only get to a hold of them via care packages from people back home. In here, there's a drugstore product I used up too, from the Correction Herbal Actives, a product from Lebanon. It was almost like Vitress generally and was good while it lasted but even if I wanted to repurchase, I've been having a hard time looking for it anywhere else.

To be honest, I am not very much familiar with the John Frieda product range. I just happened to pass by its shelf inside Sharjah City Center's Lifestyle boutique one afternoon and I got curious to take a closer look as some of the products were on sale. I'm so glad I did! This glossing mist is part of the sale, hence the * on the SRP above, from 45AED to 29AED! There are no testers available but I was able to get a whiff of the smell and I liked it! From the packaging, you can also see the thin consistency of the liquid so I know for sure it wouldn't feel thick on my hair or sticky. True enough, when I checked the claims, it says ultralight and non-greasy mist. With those 2 main points considered and met, I ended up buying this product, fingers crossed it wouldn't disappoint.

I have been using it everyday since and no disappointment of any sort at all! It's a spray, instead of the usual pump or open flap cap, so it's more practical to use as one spray is enough for a girl's average hair length (shoulder level). It's perfect for taming the split ends and for adding gloss to your dry hair. Mine is dry and frizzy especially the ends since I had it bleached and my hair strands are also unusually thicker than usual but believe me, this thing actually works! It doesn't flatten or straighten, not the kind that makes your hair looks damp and shiny. It just glosses, making your hair look and feel flawless. I can literally feel like my hair is smoothening upon application and it doesn't stick nor grease even after sweating or walking under the direct sunlight. I don't spray it directly into my hair though. I use one full spray onto my palms and work with the application from there. And I do re-apply a half-spray on the ends as the mist dries up when humidity arises. In a nutshell, I'm so happy I took my time to check this out from the shelf! It has been the bestest thing that has ever to my hairstory! And with the kind of hairstory I have had, that's really saying a lot! Definitely going to repurchase!

Have you been using the same product too? What are other John Frieda products you can recommend?

*SRP is 45AED but I got it on sale for 29AED only!


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    1. Hi Sarah! I got mine from the John Frieda shelf inside Sharjah City Center's Lifestyle boutique. I think Boots Pharmacy carry them too, not too sure about that though. Let me know if you find one! :)


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