July 23, 2012

Once Upon A Skaterboie Story...

Nike Air Move Max (GS) Trainers

So my sister and I went overboard in the fangirl department once again... I wouldn't say it's an impulse buy because techinically, it's not. But let's just say I never thought I'd see the day I'd choose a pair of Nike sneaks over a pair of Aldo platforms given the chance! Joys Camille problems!

Over the weekend, we headed over to the Dubai Outlet Mall with an agenda. I will look for a pair of trainers for my plan of living a healthier lifestyle aka going to the gym for aerobics and swimming sessions. I'd like to explore my options and well, not going to lie, to get the cheapest pair possible without compromising its quality so we thought The Outlet Mall is the way to do it. But when I saw the nude Aldo platforms smiling at me from the rack, it took all my non-existent power to resist buying them instead and just postpone the original healthier lifestyle plan. Good thing my sister was there to remind me of the reason why we were particularly here in the first place so I carefully put it down and off to Nike Boutique we go!

I was beginning to think it was rather a mistake because there were too many pairs to choose from! Good thing it was classified per category but still, you'll drown in the presence of trainers, prestos, hyperdunkers! I am not so good with choosing what I want because generally, I do have a hard time knowing exactly what I want so when my sister came up to holding a pair of what seems to me like a skaterboie shoes, I knew there's no way I can make her put that back down but hey, at least my search is over. I tried it on and it slightly makes my feet look plump and short but it fits, it works. So maybe it has been that long since the last time I have ever worn one that's why it looks and feels awkward? The deciding point was the fact that it's the last pair and it's 50% off its original price so I can argue no more - done deal.

Although if I were being completely honest, it may also be because of the tiny little fact that we wanted something to remind us of Andrew Garfield by. This guy. In skates and skinnys and specs? YES PLEASE. I guess this is what happens when you fuse fashion and a fangirl together, a fashionable fangirl emerges! HA!

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