July 21, 2012

TDUG : The Lucky One

Dress : Mango
Cardigan : Folded & Hung
Shoes : Zara
Bag : H&M
Watch : ALDO

If it were up to me, every day will be a dress-kind-of-day! This is my default self on a summer day - a colorful dress, a light cardigan and flats. That's it and I'm done. During the first sign of summer here in the Emirates, we went out to see Zachary David Alexander Efron's The Lucky One and that was my perfect excuse to finally pull off a summer look. As you all know, I am currently in a city with a "strict dress code" so wearing a dress is kind of a big deal and it's something I don't get to wear out as often as I want even if I'm dying to.

This has got to be one of my favorite dresses ever! The colors and the prints are so much fun on its own it instantly brightens up the whole outfit! The material is so lightweight too, probably intensified by the fact it's been serving me well for 5 years now! Yes. The dress is from Mango some 5 years ago! (That rhymes!) The teal blue flats with ribbon and ruffle details are from Zara, they also have it in red which is a gorgeous color too! This particular pair gave me a hard time at first but now it's the most comfortable flats on my list. Even flats can make my feet hurt, why is that even possible is beyond me. I just threw in a light cardigan to be safe. We'll be inside the movie house so it might get too chilly for me so I figured it's better to be safe than sorry! How I even lasted the day with a small bag, almost like a purse actually, is a mystery to me! Maybe because my sister, who I spent the day with, has a bigger bag with her and I prolly asked her to get a hold of the rest of my usual stuff for me? I have no idea!

The movie, given it's based from the novel of a guy named Nicholas Sparks, is nothing short of a tragedy and beauty in one. Add on the fact that it's Zac Efron, it pretty much sealed the deal for me. I did my part of the bargain by reading the novel first before watching the movie and I'm glad I did! Some people always get disappointed with how the movie always turn out short or underplayed but for me it's how it's supposed to be. Imagine fitting a whole novel into a less than three hour film viewing time? I loved how this one turned out! It showed the important and meaningful parts from the book, justified by scenes well-played by the actors and then added necessary twists in order for non-readers to conjure the images in their heads, stitch up the plots, connect one emotion to another and understand the flow of the story altogether. It was a story of how love can make you believe in all things even the superficial ones such as luck and coincidences and how you are worthy of a second chance at anything if only you'll be brave enough to take it when it presents itself.

(May I just note too, that aside from a strict dress code, there's also a mandatory cut for several scenes that include too much body exposures and intimacy in any film being shown in here. So yes, we were robbed off the luxury of seeing Zac Efron's in this movie. Sorry story, I know, hahaha!)

Did you get to see The Lucky One too? What are your thoughts? And normally, what do you wear out on movie dates with girlfriends?

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