July 18, 2012

TDUG: Cup Of T

Dress : H&M
Shoes : F21
Bag : Zara
Ring : F21
Watch : Swatch
Sunglasses : Aldo
Nails : Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Rose Imaginaire n°6

This is what I wore to the bloggers afternoon tea party graciously hosted by Bourjois Paris Middle East for the launch of their Summer 2012 Nail Collection last Sunday! (More on that on my next post!) When I received the invitation and found out about the venue and the theme, I immediately thought of maximizing the tea party effect by mentally deciding on wearing a dress. And with the summer weather about to hit its full blow, I really wouldn't want to be caught wearing anything else at all in Dubai during the afternoon.

I ended up wearing this jersey dress from H&M. I have had this dress in a while but I would normally wear it out as a top as I feel like it's a tad bit short to be worn alone. But then when I slipped into it, I figured it's not scandalously short at all and it actually feels so light and flowy! The embroidered neckline adds a lady-like touch to it and the uneven drapes of the hemline creates a playful look to balance it all out. I should've taken a photo of myself swirling, it would've been a welcome justification. Oh well.

The nude-colored ballet flats are from F21. Another maximizing the tea party effect what with its ribbon and the lace details. And since the dress is slightly on the darker shade, a nude or neutral shade of shoes would lighten up the look. The bag is from Zara which I have been carrying around with me since the day I bought it. I am slightly biased to everything grey and the rose gold metal details just added more charm into this beaut!

You can barely see me with any accessory during summer. It just feels so uncomfortable having a lot of things on you especially when you start sweating. At least that's how it feels for me. So I'm basically all about the 4-piece-rule these days: earrings, necklace, ring and a watch. Fortunately for me, it matches the look I was particularly aiming for - dainty, sweet and classy.

What do you think about my look? What would you wear to an afternoon tea party?

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