April 01, 2012

TGIS E11 : House of Slaterin'

Last night, the Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu was declared as the Big Winner from the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition. He goes by name Jan Slater Young. He is the Philippines first ever male big winner for a regular Big Brother season. It took me a while to realize exactly why I felt happy when Bianca Gonzalez announced who the Big Winner was on Twitter. When there were just four of them left - Biggel, Paco, Pamu, and Slater, I've casted my vote on him - Team Slater right here. And just like how it is in basketball, when your favorite team wins, you somehow feel like you're part of that win as well.

Jan Slater is from my generation and quite possibly part my people, if you get my drift. And maybe that's why I'm keen over him winning. It's almost as if I know the life he's been living. Do not get me wrong. I don't own a construction company and a fancy resthouse to begin with but I have had his struggles and may have felt his feelings too. Like that constant struggle to make your parents proud and how there's no greater joy than to know that your parents are proud of what you've become. That sometimes, we as children need to do things our way but that doesn't mean we love them any less. He's in his late twenties too so I can totally understand the confusion and the want to know and make himself better.

Sure, some people may say he didn't really get to show the real him inside the house but I liked how he put that thing in perspective. The Slater State of Mind. He said it's still him, but there's a conscious effort in putting his best self forward every time in every situation. Which is something we all need to realize too. All season long they were saying Slater's almost too good to be true because well, he behaved well too good for a regular guy inside the house. But I don't understand why they need to question that. If I were inside the house, I wouldn't make a shallow excuse of "nagpapakatotoo lang ako" for my bad behaviour or any behaviour at that. You can be true to yourself and still be nice. I find it so weird that we've arrived to a certain conclusion that in order to say the person's being true to you is when they are actually being mean. Why is that is beyond me.

When he was asked what will he tell himself via Boy Abunda's Magic Mirror, I have to say that one caught me off guard. He said, "Slater, I love you." Now that's something I will have to practice on a daily basis. Loving yourself isn't going to be easy and not going to happen overnight but you have to start somewhere at some point. His journey started when he entered the house, I wonder when and where I will have the chance to begin mine.

I think what the general public has finally realized is that we need more boys and girls like Slater to be the rule and not the exception. It's about time. I keep rambling about the shallow fact that before I only have Christopher John Tiu on my mind and then Slater happened so there's two of them now, when it hit me. There's a huge chance that there are a lot more like them out there that we don't know about because we keep looking on the other side. Maybe it's you too or perhaps it's always been me. But since we keep looking at them as the exceptions instead of rules, we will never know.  It's about time we start reversing the current status quo and restore the default balance of nature.

Jan Slater made me realize that chivalry is not dead. That kindness isn't overrated. That a good guy (a good person) isn't a myth. That good things happen to good people. Also, that I will always be a dork for sweet talkers and smiles that could light up the whole town. And that I can really be shallow like that sometimes. HA!

Goodjob Engr. Jan Slater Young! Congratulations! My 3DHS worth of vote's not been put to waste! All the way from the Emirates! Yes folks, I was part of the 40ish% votes... and proud! WUHOO!!!


  1. Proud part of that 40.02%, too! Ha! When someone, on their first month tells Kuya "For what is a man who gains the world but loses himself in the process.", risked being evicted for the sake of his values and principles, you know HE IS SOMETHING. :)

  2. Joys, I was thinking of Slater when I was in the bathroom. Ooops. It's not what you think. LOL All of a sudden, He came across my mind and thought of ChresTiow too. I asked myself, Napansin din kaya ni Joys yon? Eh nalagay mo na pala dito sa blog mong 'to. Pwedeng itweet kay Slater to! :D


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