April 02, 2012

TDUG : Cut Me Out

Splash cut-out top | MNG colored jeans | Heatwave shoes | Anna Sui purse

This is my almost outfit of the day. Almost because I won't dare wear a crop top going out, let alone going to work and wearing high heels' highly discouraged from my line of work. I just changed into them because I figured the final look is something I would really consider wearing if there were no restrictions here at all.

I got this cut-out black top from the latest collection of Splash last weekend when I finally made use of the vouchers I won from Ate Tinayum's competition last December. Summer's already around the corner so this top would probably be my favorite piece, I can already tell. That's way I also got the same one in light pink which I'd probably wear more casually. The mix of black and yellow just screams royalty, don't you think? Or maybe that's just me and my overflowing school spirit, ha! So without thinking twice, I grabbed my mustard jeans to go with it. The shoes was my last purchase locally before finally moving here and it remains to be my favorite pair up to date. They are literally made for running! The purse just happened and I love that it complimented the black top both having floral details however the purse has all the pops of color to brighten up the whole look.

What do you think? I hardly do outfit posts during workdays because I just wear the same thing over and over again which is really something I'm not proud of. But today's an exception. I had planned on having my passport ID photo taken today, hence the little composed look, but my favorite photoshop was closed so  I will have to reschedule and just ended up having a photoshoot of my own. HA!

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