March 24, 2012

TGTC's Hairstory

Growing up, I've struggled with so much insecurities. Name it, I think I have had it. Hair pains, complexion woes, weight issues, and even the fact that I've been wearing glasses all my life.

Do you remember when I told you about my fear of going to fitting rooms and buying jeans altogether? I have had my fair share of salon fear too, something my littler sister Chaching and I have in common. Let's just say hairstylists can be a little too rude when they finally get a sight of our hair. They'd let out comments that while are true can also be hurtful. Hearing them over and over again, complaining about how it's going to take long and how pricey it's going to be just to have it done can really be a killer especially when in a salon filled with girls of your same age. Letting out jokes and making a funny feat out of your greatest insecurity can be a battle a little tough to handle. At your awkward teenage years, it can be deadly.

During my younger days, my Aunt would take me with her to the salon and have my hair done the way hers would be. That's why I started off highschool with the shortest possible hair and that's also when I learned a pixie cut will never ever work well with me, unfortunately. I'm looking at you, Audrey Hepburn. Lesson learned the hard way so the years after that, I became the most predictable girl when it comes to hairstory.

As much a I hate to admit this, I haven't had full control of my hair eversince I started with the infamous rebonding treatment and that's been going on for a decade now. My hair rebonding budget has defined both my hair length and my hairstyle for years! And I think that's the biggest mistake I've made as far as hairstory's concerned. It's always been rebond-trim-repeat. I didn't have further experimental hairstyles. I did not go into changing my hair color. I have had only a total of 3 hairstyles in my twenty something years of existence. I know, predictable and safe and maybe, just maybe a tad boring...

TGTC's Hairstory Circa 2010-2012

They say you can tell a lot about a girl's life based on her recent hairdo because more often than not, a girl's lifestyle change is accompanied by a hairstyle change and the more drastic it is, the more impact it brings. Take the famous Filipino fictional character of our generation, Basha. She's a character played by Bea Alonzo in the movie One More Chance. Basha broke up with her longtime boyf, quit her job and to complete the 380 lifestyle change, had her hair trimmed to the shortest possible length! And then there's me. You can bookmark my life with the "drastic hair moves" I made and so far, I've only had two. One was before making the biggest move of life yet, I decided to get a full fringe! And after experiencing one of the worst heartbreaks this life can offer, I decided to dye my hair semi-blond, or what they call ombre hair.

The Girl and The City's madness of an ombre hair
Looking back now, it was rather an interesting journey. And funnily enough, it all just boils down to acceptance and hardwork. True in life, true with hairdos. Acceptance since I've come to terms with what and what's not suitable for me and my hair type. And I will just have to make it work for my benefit. Hardwork because well, I now wake up extra early to have them blowdried and reach the ombrefied level that I want. Something I've never done nor considered doing before. If only I've discovered these earlier on in my life, I would've saved myself from all those confined and awkward years and I kid you not, literally save myself a lot of money from all those salon trips. And lastly, the courage and the balls to do what you really want to do in life. I've been long wanting to have an ombre hair, you have no idea how liberating and self-satisfying it was to finally look into the mirror and see someone who's finally made it a possibility!

And oh, next time you bump into a girl with such madness of a hair, ask her her hairstory. I have had my hairstory retold over and over again the past days that's why I thought of finally sharing it here on the blog now. But sometimes explanation ruins the mystery of things so when I get asked, I just smile. But hey, it wouldn't hurt to try. So... tell me, how about you? What's your very own hairstory?

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