March 14, 2012

What I Wore To Sandance 2.0

I have had this maxi dress for a while now and I have been saving it for an unknown event in my future. You ever had that feeling over a dress, wanting to wear it during a specific time and place in your life? Have you ever had those moments with your dresses too? Well I had mine with this one from Forever 21 and I can only think about one perfect event to finally wear it out, what with it's boho-beach-vibe and tribal prints all over. Sun. Beach. Sand. Beats. Dance. Bands. Sandance!

Don't be fooled though, I have my denim jacket and scarf with me but they're not in the photos! Because it turns out, I was right about one thing, it was pretty chilly come night time. I really get easily "chilled" that's why dressing up for Sandance this time around, with this kind of Emirates' weather was a bit of a task for me. I thought the maxiness of the dress would've done the trick, I even considered wearing leggings underneath and totally crossed out shorts, cropped & singlet tops on my what-to-wear list! I was literally shaking even with my jacket on that I had to add a scarf and look really awkward amidst the beach venue. I made an effort to curl my hair just for kicks and I liked it! Amazing how your hair and a statement eyewear can add such character to your look! I can't lie, ombre hair and Rayban aviators kind of completed the look I was aiming for that day! The I-may-not-care-but-I-actually-planned-on-looking-as-badass-as-possible look. Kidding! I really just wanted to look like how I feel towards that glorious day of watching your favorite band live in concert - easy, breezy and happy! Check, check aaaaand check!

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