March 13, 2012

How We Made Snow Patrol Happen

Never ever underestimate the power of a determined fangirl's heart. I still feel so grateful thinking about how we managed to pull off a fangirl miracle with so little time left and limited sources as well.

Facebook Status December 15, 2011: Being the overreacting fangirl that I've always been, y'know... I brag. Irish boyfs are coming to town!!!
December 2011. It was then when we found out Snow Patrol is going to headline the next Sandance happening on March 9! If you can remember, our first ever SANDANCE experience was with The Script last November and I still stand by my words, it was the best concert experience ever! So you'd probably think we'd approach Snow Patrol's similarly - not going is not an option.  If only for the fact that The Script is to me as to Snow Patrol is to my littlest sister, Anei. Honestly and initially, that was the plan.

January 2011. Advanced tickets were sold during the SANDANCE NYE celebration. We were still undecided and we were too stubborn to purchase tickets at once thinking we still have lots of time left. (What were we thinking really??? We obviously weren't...)

February 2011. Reality got in the way. BIG TIME.

March 2011. Tickets are already selling like pancakes and we're still undecided! I kept reading about tickets being nearly sold out 3 days before the said event and we still do not have any in our possession! Monday morning, we thought we were really lucky and it was really meant to be because we were still able to make reservations under our name and we just have to pick them up! But as fate would have it, last Thursday, I'm almost near the place already, it's in Dubai and I came from Sharjah, when I found out it's a bogus and the tickets are already sold out and there's no reservations in the first place and that we are basically screwed! I'm looking at 'ya Kabayan working at McGettigan's Pub! PANIC ATTACK. Go to Plan B.

Our Plan B's basically to be at the venue by 1PM. We had it all figured out. We made it a point to not go home before sundown with nothing but our broken fangirl hearts by making sure we'd be there in time for the first 30 minutes. We were ready. We were not supposed to hear the words SOLD OUT being said right smack into our hopeful faces. But that's exactly what happened.

March 9 | 230PM. We were in line by this time, on queue and it only started moving around 230PM. We were 25 persons away when the line got cut and the men in black suits started waving the most heartbreaking hand gestures ever - the "no more" sign! And then the words followed suit. "We have no more tickets. Already sold out. You'll just be wasting your time in line, under the sun." I refused to listen! This cannot be happening! We've done just about everything for this not to happen! I felt so helpless and well, restless. We were being stubborn by just standing there hoping they'd release at least 50 tickets more! Until they asked for the line to be dissolved! We were just 25 persons away... We're almost there...

Which couldn't have been the case IF ONLY

- we knew about the Metro going off service until 1PM during Fridays
- the next train didn't get delayed
- we didn't consider paying a ridic amount of cab fare from Union to Dubai Internet City station
- the cab didn't take the wrong turn into one of the hotel's entrance
- we fell in line right away rather than going up front and coming back to the other end of it eventually
- it was a one is to one together with the first come first served policy
- we secured an advanced tickets from the very beginning (!!! !!! !!!)
Poor decision making can make or break a fangirl's life. We learned this the hardest way possible that day.

5PM. We stood there under the blasting heat of the Emirates' sun with desperation written all over our faces for about two more hours! We just couldn't make ourselves give up and go home. The people who shared our same fate have done just that - gave up and gone home. At least they have their boyfriends to absorb their tantrums and make things better for them, or at least try to make it better. We don't have that luxury so really, going home is not an option! We were already trying our best holding back the tears, there's gotta be a way. There's gotta be something else we can still do! Anything at this point really!!!

T'was when we saw a light! A random thought crossed my mind and then THE idea! I saw a fairly below 21 looking kiddo talking to one of them men in black suits! Ding ding ding dinggg!!! We still have a way to get in! A spark of hope! All we have to do is look for minors who secured advanced tickets, took the risk but failed and will have no other choice but to sell theirs anyway because they can't get in! That's what the boy's doing, he's trying to make a way in but obviously failing. All that's left to do is wait till we can make our approach! But before I can do that, my friend already spotted 3 more people with a slightly different case but the same consequence - they can't get in so they'd have to sell theirs too! I swear, that moment I felt the weight of my entire fangirl world being lifted off my shoulders! Though I have to say, those were the saddest faces ever. I instantly knew how badly they wanted to watch but they can't and as a fangirl myself, I completely understand how that feels like. I secretly promised I'd make sure to enjoy this night not only for me but also for them. Bless your hearts, kiddos!

630PM. You'd think it's easy breezy after that, yes? Well, it's not. At least for me. The security's higher this time around! They're requiring original copies of your identification cards and as fate would have it part xxxxx, I only brought a photocopy of my passport so I was put on hold!!! They were even asking concert goers to remove their sunglasses/eyeglasses just so they can confirm the appearance on your ID! Ahdksjdldhadhsakhfwietryewigrddsbksgfsdjhgfsdjgskjhfkasfhdhfdsfysdfnslfdsdlhadlafh!!!

The guy in black suit was so firm that I nearly fainted and cried right there in front of him and everybody else when he said I still can't get in and I'm still on hold! Why. Whyyy. Guess what happens next? I held out my sister's ID, thinking it will serve it's purpose as a guarantor BUT the most bizaare thing happened! He actually scanned it as if it were mine! So when he said, "PROCEED LADIES..." I DIED! I nearly kissed and hugged him right there!!! Looking back, that could possibly be the lone lucky strike we had during the whole time. What perfect timing, what a blessing in disguise - like literally! I was jumping on my way to the next stop which was where they put the barcoded orange band on your arm which also means FINALLY SANDANCE WITH SNOW PATROL IS HAPPENING FOR ME!!!

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