January 28, 2012

Senior Dinner at Biella Ristorante

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If you are to ask me now if I am actually a foodie, I'm afraid I have to say I am not. Or at least not yet. I have had this realization after watching Suits S01E03. Now that I am aware of it though, I am determined to get there and had made Rachel Zane's my foodienspiration. When I get to her level, I will surely let you know. But for now, you just have to trust my good taste, and when I say good taste I mean it literally. Not going to get any deeper than that.

Italian is one of my default answer to what's your favorite cuisine. I wish there's a logical and highly rational explanation to back it up but it's simply because it suits my taste buds best and nothing like a good carbo load to really get me pumped up. So when the information board at Marina Mall Abu Dhabi revealed there's actually not a lot of places to choose from, I mean between Biella, some Indian and Arabic restaurants plus fast food in a food court, we settled for what we thought will suit both our hungry stomachs and not-so-full wallets. That's right!
After weighing our not-so-wide-range of options, we ended up with Biella and it turned out to be the perfect choice! We were warmly greeted at the entrance and politely guided to our seats at once. First thing I noticed was how the place is secluded in a very good way and that the interiors tickled my fancy. I wish we were able to take snaps but that was when our camera ran out of battery. Bugger, I know. We were, at the very least, able to take some shots of our orders.
As you can see, we were more or less the typical carbo-loaders. Classic pasta and pizza combination with some chicken dish, with the yummiest poached potato I have ever had the pleasure to munch on, for our main course. This is the part where I fail both as a blogger and aspiring foodie as I wasn't able to get hold of the names of the dishes we ended up eating. I'm sorry, I was that hungry - too hungry to care or remember that I'll be blogging about this at that moment at least. Oh, Rachel Zane would be proud. Not.

It was all in all a good dinner experience. What with spending it my highschool friends I haven't seen in a year, one new acquaintance and some real good food to go with it, I can't complain. And despite my obvious lack of genuine food criticism and food knowledge altogether, I do know what's a good dish when I have finally had a taste of it. And trust me, under their main course menu, there's a chicken dish with the yummiest poached potato you will ever have the pleasure to munch on, well that's not really the technical description but you get the drift. You have to try it, you are not going to regret it!

Biella Caffe Pizzeria Ristorante
Location: Marina Mall, Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971(2) 681 8114
Location: Wafi City Mall, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Tel: +971(4) 3244666

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