January 23, 2012

No Love No Drama

Last January 11, we were all out and about in Dubai. Lucky for me I was able to get out early from work so I was able to join the Emirates famille for Auntie Idosh's birthday dinner. We were torn between Chili's and China Times but ended up with the latter because we were all craving for their special fried rice! 

California maki | Deep fried crispy fresh squid rings
China Times special roasted chicken | Stir fry premium beef in premium oyster sauce
China Times special fried rice AKA decision maker!
(L-R) Me, Idoshie, Anei, Auntie B, Uncle O
We were so full we all decided to walk around the mall for some more just to feel a little lighter before heading home. We grabbed a Starbucks take away on the way back. Mint tea for the Birthday Girl and Frappe for me and Anei, as usual. The moment we reached home, we sang the classic Happy Birthday song and Idoshie finally made her wish! I can only hope and pray for the best for her! She deserves it!
I love birthdays! I don't know why I wasn't a fan of it before but now, I really make it a point to get out of my way to celebrate mine and other's especially the ones I love. Like what I have been told before, your birthday is probably the only self-declared holiday that you can claim as your own and yours alone and it will be justified and valid so why not make the most out of it. And why not, it only comes once in a year. What else is your excuse!

Happy happy birthday again, Auntie Idosh! That's her rocking the No Love No Drama statement tee from MNG and of course, ze red pants! You are love and loved! xx

China Times Restaurant
Deira City Center 04-295-2515
Jumeira Plaza 04-344-2930
Take Away Menu (Delivery available in Jumeira Branch only)

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