December 08, 2011


24 May 2008
Cubao Bus Station // Atimonan Port // Perez Quezon

6AM, we were walking along the busy streets of Cubao to the bus station that will take us to Grand Central Terminal Lucena City. We were relieved to know Ate Cla had reserved us seats already via JAM Liner. So we just met the bus halfway. By 645Am or so, we were off to a long ride to QUEZON PROVINCE! YAY! :D

Approximately a 4-hour travel from the metro, we arrived at the Grand Central Terminal around 1030AM and had our breakfast at Chowking. From the terminal, it's still an hour bus ride to Atimonan Port where we'll be riding a ferry bound to Perez Quezon. Php1/ head, for the tourist fare sum'n, then Php 70 ferry ride. 1230PM, we boarded the ferry scheduled for 1PM departure. And the rest was history.

But of course, it was ALL BLUE! HAHAHA! To the left, right, front, and back. Endless. :) In totale, it was almost a 2-hour ferry ride from Atimonan before we found ourselves inside Sir Ed's humble abode at Perez, Quezon! 315PM, we had our late lunch but gahd! The food's awesome! There's even a lechon! This is what I love most about celebrations and out-of-towns, it;s always BONGGA! Everything is just BONGGA! HAHA!


This is where EVR's place is located, as in nasa bakuran 'yung island. Having a rest house by the beach, complete with the "poso" and "duyan" drama! The good ole probinsyano life! The good life, period! Gusto ko din ng "island home" in the future, like Isle Esme and/or Isle of Capri. The beach is within twenty steps and you even get to have the whole thing to yourself if you'd want to - coolest things ever if you'd ask me!

Across Pacific Ocean
Baliscar Island aka "ROCK ISLAND"

Island's located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Our bangkero made sure we'd get to see the place even from afar so he situated our route towards it. The waves scared the hell out of me but the lighthouse was the catch. I just love lighthouses!!! Too bad you can't step on the island itself, it's not even a possibility! It's kinda dangerous since you can either get smacked by the birds or worst, snakes! So all we have are distant shots, trying to do the *insert your face here* shots! HAHA!


If you have a Philippine Map with you, you'll easily spot the island I'm talking about!!! Yes, everyone! Been to Balesin Island - located across the Pacific Ocean!!! And I still can't believe I sailed across PACIFIC OCEAN! WUHOOO! Bucket list!

From Alabat Island, it was an hour boat ride to the Hidden Boracay of Quezon Province. The ride was cool, it wasn't shaky at all! Though it raned in the middle of our trip. I figured the weather tends to change about three to four ties during a ride from one island to another. Nature's little secrets, I guess! We were soaked wet and we weren't able to see the island itself until we were too close. From a distant, it looked so beautiful already! Like a paradise waiting to be conquered! The moment I stepped my feet on the sand, WOW! It's BREATHTAKING. The fine white sand, the cool clear water, everything is just breathtaking!

The island is privately owned by The Tordessilas clan, officially, The Balesin Corporation. Though we weren't able to explore the whole island, we just settled in a particular place and swam the hours away! We did try to build a sand castle but we failed, haha. And then they buried me deep down, hahaha! Minutes before we left the place, I took my time out and took random photos of myself and the very pristine beach. Thanks to the logs around the place that served as my tripod! Also, shortly after we landed on the sand of Balesin, little miss sunshine showed up! Nature's miracles! So yes! SUNBURNNNNNN!

This remains as one of the most memorable escape for me. It's not everyday you get to sail across the Pacific Ocean with some beer and good company on the side! I can still remember the feeling and I still relive that moment in my mind whenever I can! It's one of the things I've been blessed to experience in this lifetime, one of the many things I am grateful for! That's why sharing the whole thing with y'all is in order! ;)

The Happy Island Hopper! From Alabat to Rock to Balesin back to Alabat! 
Quezon Province, Philippines

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