December 04, 2011

December Wish

ZARA Basic Handbag in blue
Well, the long list has to start somewhere...

I saw this basic handbag from our local Zara shop last month. I wanted to buy it right away - the color, the structure, the texture, the size and the style, it's exactly what I've been looking for to replace Redherring the Duffel Bag as my everyday companion. But I was quickly reminded of my concert splurge aka The Script at Sandance already happening on the same month. I strictly follow an unwritten pact about my retail therapy, I only get to spoil myself once a month and under a certain budget. So, with all the self-discipline I wasn't aware I have in store, I put the pretty little thing - which happens to be the last piece of its kind in blue - back on its rack and told my sister I will just come back for it next month and prayed so hard for it to still be available by that time.

Fortunately, upon my December store visit last time, it's still there!!! So any wish-granters out there? Yuhoo!

You know you love me,

Wishing y'all a grand finale for 2011, all-December-long! Love and blessings! xx

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