December 08, 2011

December Wish #2

That even if wishing is probably just a waste of time, I still feel like it's valid during this time of the year! So here I am presenting to you my Twisted Grown Up Christmas List, which is basically about the things I really want for Christmas, doesn't get any deeper than that! Plus the last time I did, a happy accident happened and I got exactly what I wished for. So here I am trying my luck and striking whilst the iron is hot!

A little black dress is something any woman must have in her wardrobe, at least that's one of the basics I remember from watching a Tim Gunn make-over-show by accident some time back. Made a mental note to check mine if I do have one and lo and behold, I don't! Panic!!! For your reference, here's an article I found online and the LBD is listed first: Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements (Must-Have Basic Wardrobe Pieces for Any Woman).

I can't believe I don't own one. At 25. In a foreign land. In a city of millions at that. I can go on and rant about the reasons why I may not have considered buying one, but that's beside the point now. Because last night, Zara has proven its irresistible charm on poor little me once again - right smack in the middle of my craving-for-LBD-self. I happened to spot these pretty things on their TRF rack and they've never left my imaginary shopping cart since!

Zara TRF Combined Lace Dress
Zara TRF Lace Dress
all images from

I think I forgot to mention what I was actually looking for is a little black lace dress. I've been on a hunt for the longest time and I've had other options too but these two are my current picks! Which one do you like better? I loved the pointed collar on the first one but totally adore the lace brocades and details on the second one especially the drapes on the dress' hemline. (I don't even know if I got the terms right, haha!)

All fingers crossed I'd be able to get me one for the holidays! Even if it's not going to be the choices I've made here. If you know where else I can find them, please feel free to help me out! I'd love that a lot! I could use a little help since I know for sure there is no way Zara is going to be on sale any time soon! HOHOHO! Unless, another dreamgiver will come along! HA, I wish!!!

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