November 29, 2011

TDUG: What I Wore to Sandance

SANDANCE Festival is an all day & night dance music festival hosted by Atlantis Palm Dubai at the Nasimi Beach. Every once in a while they will come up with an event filled with a powerful line-up of DJs and performers to entertain a group of people they call Sandancers from sunset to the break of dawn. Once they start rollin' there's no stoppin' and you literally go dancing in the sand hence the name.

From its definition, you'd have an idea on what to wear to events like these. Setting's going to be by the beach so you wouldn't want to be all covered up. You can either dress down and go for the casual beach look or go over the top by rocking the "beach glamorous" in every sense of the word.

I have had a total of 3 outfit changes. What I'd like to call Pre-Sandance, At Sandance, and Post-Sandance. I can be that fickle-minded.

Pre Sandance. We came all the way from Sharjah, where you cannot be seen wearing shorts in public. So here's my "commuter" look:

Jellybean checkered blazer | Zara top | H&M treggings | Zara flats

At Sandance. I initially planned on just dropping the pants and popping the orange skort, which was my original look. I wanted to be a Danny Girl, a blazer-wearing-fella! But I had a change of heart when I realized my colors were actually day colors and the sun's setting already. Hence this look. Amazing what bold accessories can do to polish your outfit. A little bit of make-up wouldn't hurt too.

Zara TRF shirt | H&M shorts | Zara flats

I got this shirt on sale! You know how much I love statement shirts! Especially the one written here! I loved the irony that comes with wearing it to The Script concert the most! How can you possibly SMILE MORE while they go bleed their hearts out and sing those heartbreaking songs to you! HA! The gold details of the letters added the right amount of glam I wanted to have since the shorts' already as plain as it gets. I had to pull my tucked-in out cos it got a bit too hot to handle. I needed some air hence the crop-top-inspired look.

Post Sandance. Since I cried my heart out, danced crazily at some point, I ended up all sweaty after The Script's set, I felt the need to change, hopefully for the last time that night. Taddah! I loved how the ruffles on my top complimented the horizontal pleats of my shorts! Mix of textures to give a classy look to a plain on plain ensemble! This is actually my original Danny girl look, sans the blazer. Which I ended up wearing eventually during our bus ride, finally going our way home.

Zara top | H&M shorts | Zara flats

Which of the look do you like the most? I am kind of laughing to myself how I can't stick to one look in one night. Who does that?! Though I hope I was able to give justice to "beach glamorous" somewhere in between those 3 outfit changes! I personally loved how the last one turned out! And how it complimented the red spotlights lights all over the place that night!

And now, I leave you with this. A video made by Teen, our version of a Sandance! See you on the sand! 

Have an awesome midweek ahead, folks! Off to a Wednesdate with my sister and Edward Cullen tomorrow! Exciteddd! :)

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