November 25, 2011

Green Stranger in the Night

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances
Wondering in the night, what were the chances
We'd be sharing love before the night was through

Something in your eyes was so inviting
Something in your smile was so exciting
Something in  my heart told me I must have you

So funny when it just occurred to me how this will pass for the perfect soundtrack of that night, that bus ride between me and a certain "green stranger in the night". I'm washing the dishes and my sister kept singing random songs when it just hit me. That glorious feeling of having a song, finding the lyrics to remind you of a certain memory, a particular story.

How many people find each other everyday?

The Sandance 2011 night has already come to an end. I was reluctant to take the shuttle bus rides cos I'm stubborn like that, I wanted to take a cab right away. Anei and Teen however were the more logical ones and insisted we give it a look first and see from there. I couldn't be more thankful we did take a look first cos what we saw, err, who we saw inside made the decision for us! *snickers* There were 3 stations by the way; Jumeira Beach Residences, Old Town (Downtown) Dubai, and one more I can't seem to recall right now. Mostly because it was unfamiliar so that last one's not really an option anymore.

We headed straight in to the bus which read Downtown Dubai, settled ourselves to the seats paralleled to Mr. Decision-Maker: a good-looking fair-skinned lad in a plain white tee, printed green board shorts and slippers. He was already having a conversation with his seatmates when I started staring him down, unconsciously. I know it's never polite to stare, pardon me kind sir, but our situation left me with no other choice. In my defense, even if I wanted to, how can I possibly engage you in a convo when I'm far across the aisle? I would've liked it very much to re-enact a classic Jamie Sullivan - Landon Carter scene right there and then, the "Is this your idea of a small talk?" bus scene! It was a 45-minute bus ride, we could've talked about a mill things had I been on the bus a tad earlier, had I been seated next to you instead of the stolid window.

After lots of staring, stolen glances, sweet smiles, shy looks, and major eavesdropping, which went both ways, I realized the ride's about to end anytime soon. I better come up with something, anything! And just when we were nearing the bus stop, someone made a scene that semi-involved him. A fellow passenger couldn't help himself and vommed out on his side of the bus! He totally freaked out! Well, who wouldn't!!! He stood up on reflex and uttered, "Nice work!" The whole bus felt his strain and relief, at least somehow it wasn't directed right on his (pretty) face. And that's when I had my chance! I was able to share a line with him cause he shifted position bringing him physically closer to me, making the encounter possible. I told him, "You're still lucky the vom didn't land on your face." He was like, "Yeah. That would've made my day!" and the whole bus shared a good laugh, loud HAHAHA's! That's also when my sister had her chance to insert herself in the picture. She's always with a tictac pack so given the situation he recently had, candies would make a huge difference, if not a great help, to lighten up his mood! She asked him if he wants some... I guess you know what happened next - a tictac moment shared. Only time's not on our side and before we know it, he's back talking to his mates and we're about to go our separate ways. Needless to say, my coming up with something, anything didn't really well, came up. That's where and when our ride and story ended.

Or so I thought....


You may wonder why I cared to share these photos from last night again. Let me tell you why, if it's not quite obvious already. We were feeling kind of sad since we did nothing so we have nothing to remind ourselves of Green Stranger in the Night but memories on our minds. No name, no anything. No final kiss to seal anything. Not until we started browsing thru the photos by the time we reached home. We were all so shocked and surprised to see a familiar figure on the background!


Well, hello there, Mister Decision-Maker! What a very pleasant surprise! Turns out you and fate and everything in between left me with something to hold on to after all. And even if there's only that slightest of the slight chance that comes with wishing for this, I'd take it. If and when you, kind sir, happen to stumble upon this humble blog of mine anytime soon or further in the future...  It was so nice semi-meeting you, Green Stranger in the Night. So nice. Love, Miss Onlooker-in-a-Blazer. PS. Please don't freak out. I just really like telling stories, s'all. This is just how I roll.

How many people find each other everyday? How many...
The Girl in the City.

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