October 22, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E04

So my weekends have been on a roll since September! Not that I am complaining. I actually love how I can stay committed to an unwritten pact between myself and my weekends! I used to love weekends so much and now, I'm starting to love them all over again.

This Friday we get to do one thing I've always loved to do but never really had the chance to, or the company to go with, for that matter. A movie date night! The whole morning however was spent recuperating from a very tiring work week and watching a basketball game. That's just how we roll!



Karen Millen Plaid Trousers | Forever 21 Butterfly Top & Flats | Girbaud Purse

I wanted to look sophisticlassy if only for the movie we were scheduled to watch that night. This Karen Millen trousers have long been inside my closet, a hand-me-down from my generous aunt! In what any other way can you look sophisticated and classy but in a black and white ensemble! Opted for a pop of color wit the red purse, to avoid looking too plain. I hope it worked. I'm still working on my long-time-accessory-piling-issue with my inner self. I will try to blog about that some time soon. Spot my red, heart-shaped ring though. That's a start!

Can you guess which movie? No less than Anne Curtis-Derek Ramsay-Christine Reyes' No Other Woman! The top grossing local movie from the Philippines has arrived in the Emirates! Went with my Auntie B and my littlest sister Anei. We called and reserved seats for the 830P screening. Cinemas in here are a bit small so you'd probably end up all dizzy and nauseous if you ever got a too-close-for-discomfort-seat also known as the frontliners. We were seated 1 row from the back and it was comfortable enough! We also wouldn't want to take a risk of getting "sold out" excuse from the teller because that'll be an ultimate momentum-breaker. HAHA!

I don't think any comment from me would be legit because the story's an unfamiliar territory. But it was an awesome performance as a whole from the actors. That's why I enjoyed it! Like I said, unknown zone but somehow I felt Kara's pain, Ram's guilt and Cha's frustration. Especially Kara's. Christine Reyes and Derek Ramsay were perfect fit for the characters too but Anne Curtis owned this. Her every scene's remarkable. Not to mention her wardrobe, hair, littlest waist line ever and too-hot-to-handle body! Safe to say though, that I'll always remember how this movie went down - for future use. I'm sure you get what I mean. "Oo nga naman. Tagal-tagal mong hinanap at hinintay tapos aagawin lang sa'yo? Ano sila, sineswerte?" I remember letting out this comment at one point during the movie, I don't even know why and where the heck did that come from. Guess the movie's that effective. It makes you feel a non-existent emotion from a totally non-existent reality. For me at least, it was non-existent... yet.

It was very relaxed Friday spent with my loves, I could really get used to this. Spent the remaining hours of the night discussing the movie over a cuppa tea at home. How was yours? I hope you had a relaxing weekend too. I think we all deserve one, aye?

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