October 01, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E02

Laces and stripes and everything nice.

Aside from being a resident stubborn scarecrow, I can be a very stubborn shopper too. I've noticed that I tend to be inclined to the same type of clothes every time I shop. My sister thought so too, so when I picked this one up, she's like "Stripes na naman? Mukha ka ng stripes!" Hahaha! Well, I guess one girl can never ever have enough striped tops inside her closet. Especially if it's in yellow, with laces and eyelet embroidery and zip-back details.



This is what I wore to church today. I made up for the fact that I'm not in a dress this time with the lady-like details of my top and my brown wedges. And since I wanted to put emphasis on my detailed top, I pulled my hair on a ponytail and put on minimal accessories. Still lady-like enough for me, what do you think?



See? I told you! A-ma-zing details! The style actually reminded me of our local brand, Kamiseta. And just to add some more amazingness to it, I got this on sale! I am so proud of myself. Even the pair of high-waist trousers I'm wearing was on sale when I bought it. The brown wedges' part of the last shopping spree I had in MNL some one year ago! And today, it gave up on me. :( It's probably a sign I should get a new one already! When is the next sale season happening, anyone? HAHA!

No buffet nor malling for us this week. Instead we grab a KFC Bucket Meal to go and decided to eat at home since the nearest mall's bursting with kiddos excited for the weekend! KFC is always a good idea. Garlic and gravy sauce. Spicy fries. And the classic original chicken. One can never ever go wrong with that!

Allow me also to share my another part of everything nice for this week. At church earlier, I loved how the Bible verse for this week's message is one of my fave passages ever  Matthew 11:28! "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Sometimes, life gets a tad too busy and we all get so caught up and lost in translation AND transition that we soon find ourselves just lost and tired. It's nice to know Papa God will always have our back. :) This is one of the Lord's promises that I always hold on to. I'm so glad I was reminded of this today. I needed that break from the ordinary, from the current chaos. I need me some rest. :) And on that note, I'm leaving you with this...


Another picture of my made-up-self only this time, I've got company! Say hi to them Christophers (and my litol brudder)! Off to get me some real-time rest now! Back to the normal grind tomorrow!

New week, new month, good ole' self. Let's do this! :)

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