October 23, 2010

Scarred People Are Beautiful But...

I can fondly remember a highschool memory, I cut off a newspaper article from the beauty section by Lucy Torres-Gomez. It's about getting rid of scars, old and new ones. Which product will "do the trick". I am the clumsiest person in the world and my scars are my witnesses. There was one time, I'm jumping up and down while watching a live basketball game. Because of the adrenaline rush, I didn't feel the pain until I saw blood coming off the wound. We all know what happens after, a scar emerged from the same place and now, some 4 years after, it's still there. And then there were my Palawan Pantals. I got some allergy, from the sea water perhaps, during my Coron Trip last 2oo9. It saddens whenever I look at my legs now and see dark spots on them. Someone made me realize these scars would fade in time, what's important is that the memory along with why I have it is worth it. It changed my whole perspective of getting rid of it. Until last night.

I finally decided to purchase a tube of Contractubex gel. The same product Lucy Torres-Gomez mentioned in her article, I made a mental note to self of the product's name. I'm on my third day now, applying it patiently, as often as necessary and whenever I can. I guess from now on, I just have to have a little faith, on science to do its wonders on my scarred legs. True in real life as it is with scars. I'll let you guys posted on how long it will take to de-scar me. Leaflet says it depends on the age of the scar, weeks and months, but hey. I have all the time to wait. I am no BS Pharmacy Major in Waiting for nothing.

Don't get me wrong. The darkness of the scar may be lightened or removed, but the memories stays. I still find scarred people beautiful. Always have, always will. Maybe this is just me saying that it doesn't have to stop there. There will definitely come a time you'd want to do something about it and move forward. I guess my time has arrived.

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