July 22, 2016

That SM Woman Top As Seen On Me

Alternative title: That SM Woman top you've seen on me for the 10000000th time. I know, I know. 

I remember being tagged in one of my friends' tweet that SM, or Shoe Mart to most of us, a leading department store here in the Philippines, is 30 this year. We also turn 30 this year, which means we have the same birth year - 1986 and why the SM brand is nothing new to me. I was already a fan of their SM Parisian line even in high school. But I've never really set foot inside its department store lately, let alone in its Women's section. Apparently, they had a major rebranding as if purposely catering the 30 somethings woman of the world - driven, confident, beautiful.

It goes without saying I am shamelessly an outfit repeater. If a blouse is as flattering as this one, you need to get the most wear out of it. It was also an instant people-pleaser, conversation-starter! "Where did you get it? Are there other colors? Ibigay mo na lang sa 'kin yang blouse mo." Not that I actually need to hear or receive any kind of validation from others but let's admit it - that's a happy feeling, that's a compliment, let's learn to smile and say thank you. As for the material, it's neoprene meets polyester, with what my little to none knowledge when it comes to this. It's overall flattering as it doesn't cling to any unwanted body parts, if anything it exposes every woman's flattering points - bare shoulders, draped arms, thin halter straps and square neckline - check, check, check, aaaaand check. They have them in 3 colors - creamy white, midnight blue and very black. It took all my non-existing powers to just pick out one for the meantime because I actually have my eye on some other designs as well. Their prices have always been competitive but very reasonable for what they are, ranging from PHP 599 to 1099, which is why I felt like I have always gone for the other brands than choosing something as generic from the department store but that was old news and before the newest collection and categories of SM Woman has been released. 

Case in point? People are as shocked when I actually tell them it's from SM Woman, including my very own mother. So I suggest that if you haven't been, rush to the nearest SM around your neighbourhood because true to their words - they've got it all for you.

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