April 14, 2016

Two Months And Then Some

It personally feels so wrong to just drop a new beauty-related entry after disappearing for almost two months so I thought I'd properly ease my way in by having a chat about what's up.

I never stopped writing, if there's any consistency at all, it's that I never stopped writing. I remember my own "Write anyway..." battlecry when I had the same problem years ago and pleased to realize I've managed to hold up my end of the bargain. However, I have just been writing... differently.

You're probably wondering and going Justin Bieber on me already - sorry, but what do you mean? - so here's what it is. I started working on a passion project called #monologuesbyjyscmll the same time I stopped writing any content for TGTC. It's basically all of my words and thoughts finally written on something concrete - paper, Facebook feed, photo caption, even on receipts and tissue papers.

Here's one of the stories I wrote, if anyone's interested. Have fun reading and let me know if it's something you want to read regularly in here. I'll try and post one after another.

/ "So... what's a girl like you doing far out here, going for a solo walk on the beach? I mean, you can be chasing the waterfalls or riding the waves."

I looked sideways as I was suddenly aware of another shadow casting over mine and obviously a different voice other than the one inside of my head. I thought you'd eventually offer your hand and go for the universal hand shake as well to maximize the cliche effect of the situation. However, to my surprise, you gave me an easy smile and a casual shrug instead, "David, by the way."

'Hmm, now David...', I said looking back down. 'Ain't that just the oldest one in the book. I'm positive you can do better than that. Come on, try again.' I let a few more steps passed before finally looking up to return your smile, "It's Jess... by the way.'

I was expecting for shared laughs and shy smiles to follow but I was wrong. For the third time in a span of ten minutes since we met, you have caught me off guard again. You stopped on your tracks, turned your back and eventually headed the other way.

I had to laugh, of course you would. Just like the waves and the rest of them who has now come and gone. You'd just casually crash into me, stay a while and eventually drift away. When will you and your big mouth ever learn, Jess.

I decided to head back towards the beach house, go for a shower and grab a drink or two after. It's time to call it a day and that's when I noticed a guy with the same easy smile suddenly standing up, walking towards me with a drink for two in his hands.

'So tell me Jess, what's your story?' //
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