February 10, 2016

OPI Gelato On My Mind

One of the many ways to wear pantone colors for 2016 is thru our fingertips, it's subtle and it works. You can go all out and dress like Serenity and Rose Quartz, that's basically blue and pink in the color wheel since there are no rules here but I much prefer the muted approach which in this case is by painting my nails with OPI Gelato On My Mind. A pastel shade of blue described as delish, minty and icy cool that is part of the The Venice Italy FW S15 Collection.

The formula is creamy with a rather liquid consistency that I had a hard time trying to even out the color on the surface at first coat. But it gets easier as you go on another layer and that's when you can get an opaque finish. It makes your nails pop, as in a noticeable pop of pastel that can brighten up any outfit, or in this case, the year that is upon us. OPI nail polishes are generally quite lasting, especially with a good top coat to boot, one that wouldn't start bubbling or dries very quickly is something I'm still on the hunt for. But with any clear nail polish, they seem to last for a week before they start chipping off - chores and all included.

Gelato On My Mind is easy and refreshing on the eyes and I can imagine it being a good summer color as well. I reckon it will look gorgeous on tanned skin tones with traces of sand on the sides of your palm. It's not exactly something I'd wear on a daily basis but on a beach getaway over the weekend? That's happening. We may never know if wearing it out will bring extra dose of luck our way but we can only hope and it wouldn't hurt to try, eh. So if you're a pastel polish kind of girl then I guess that's your tips and tones for 2016 already sorted this early.

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