November 02, 2015

The Trio For The Non-Contouring Type

My appreciation for shadow play as much as facial contouring is concerned came later in my life and how I wish I learned about it sooner. The first time I discovered the art of nose contouring, my heart skipped a beat. I am not very blessed on that department and I've always been okay with it but between you and me, a little bit of help won't hurt too. And that's when I started falling in love with tales of facial contours and chiseled cheekbones.

However I hardly go all out on it as I don't feel that comfortable in putting so much product on my face when I'd only be going to the mall or have a stroll around. A little definition is all I need but if you are the contouring kind, there are cream and powder options alike, then you do you. I just personally prefer a light sweep, a little shadow and a very subtle nose line if I can still get away with it. I find that a palette like the BYS Contour Trio is the perfect one to go for if and when you aren't the all-out-contouring type and it's got all the shades you'll ever need. I have got the Sassy 01 that features three shades for cheek, highlight and contour respectively. The formula is powdery in nature with crazy pigmentation which is why you don't need much of it for it to show up, especially the darkest shade which is meant for contouring - a little definitely goes a long way with this. I tend to go a bit crazy using the creamy beige powder as a highlighter. It adds no shimmer but gives you an utter, definite glow. The cheek blush is the one I go for when I want to bring back a hint of color and dimension to a rather flat face after foundation application. It's warm in color and leaning towards the gray undertone so it looks more natural on the skin rather than the ones with orange undertones. They are all matte on the surface but when applied on the cheeks, an infused hidden glow in the formula seems to show up beautifully on the skin. This compact kit can be used on its own and will give out a decent result but it can also be used to set your concealer using the highlight shade and contour with the blush and contour shades for a high definition finished look.

I'm personally smitten by this kit and have no regrets of picking it up during my search for a new compact contouring kit in place of my Urban Decay Naked Flushed which I've already hit pan on. I actually prefer this more as it has no trace of shimmer and just makes you look all glowy, not at all shimmery or shiny. A proper nod to us oily girls who can definitely take a pass on the extra shine, please and thank you. Not to mention the price tag difference, this is such a bargain! The shades are very conventional and can work on both ends of the skin tone spectrum. I'm a morena and this works for me, I can imagine it will just work the same on fair skinned girls too. For everyday use, it's staying power is surprisingly good that my chiseled cheekbones lasted from the time I went out of the house until the time I had to take it off the night. And did I say it won't hurt to have a bit of help every now and again? Apparently this home girl needs help on that department too. Ooopsies!

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