November 26, 2015

Ang Korona Ng Espanya : Mahirap Iwanan, Masarap Balikan

I'm not going to lie, I knew what I was signing up for when I decided to watch this season's UAAP Finals Game Live at the MOA Arena earlier today. The possibility of a loss resulting to a shattered heart. The certainty of the level of difficulty of the commute going home. The reality that I'll be all alone. All but none have had the power to convince me to do otherwise. So if you saw an awkward turtle hiding behind a cup of soda whenever a FEU player releases a long three, that would be me!

The reason why the UST Growling Tigers are in the Finals is because of our defense and in-your-face three's. However as you can probably tell, today was a totally different story. FEU #17 could've used a little more defending as he was the dark horse in today's game. And what in-your-face three's? They were non-existent! However, FEU's were everywhere - Pogoy's early 3's particularly. Technically there's that but between you and me, it had everything to do with No Heart No Chance and the live Go USTE-ing crowd.
The first few minutes of the 4Q is why I will always love you, my Tigertown Boies. Thank you for giving me at least those moments of thrill and adrenaline rush even for just a few stolen seconds of the game. It's how you guys play the game - massacre then recover. However when you're watching live and it's in the finals, all logic breaks loose. The last minutes though is how I was convinced that I will always choose to love you. Ang hirap n'yo talaga mahalin Tigers, pero pinipili ko pa rin kasi sulit naman. It's like 2006 all over again. Please let it be like 2006 all over again.

What's even more difficult for me is that there's no bad blood here, just pure love. It's really hard to feel anything else for players like Mac Belo even of they're not from your team. You can only hope your team would play better than them on the games that matter - take this Game 1 of the Finals perhaps. I've wanted a FEUST Finals in so long. I guess I should be more careful in what I wish for. Today, they were the better team. Today, we concede.

The scorebox may have shown that we lost to FEU by 11 points. But with a game like that, I'd say that we Mighty Tigers lost to ourselves all the more. So maybe next game, we keep that in mind. Play to win. Not to defeat whoever or defend a crown. Play to win - for and against ourselves. Dahil alam n'yo ba kung sino talaga ang korona ng Espanya? 'Yung pumuno ng MOA Arena kanina. Excited na ako, kayo? Let's go Tigertown Boies and Girls! Tara naman... sa Araneta!

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