October 16, 2015

5 Reasons The New L'Oreal Foundation Can Potentially Be Your True Match

As I am currently running low on the foundation department, I decided to go and try L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation, one of the new offerings from the brand which they recently launched here in the Philippines along with other products like a skin primer, eyebrow product and concealer. It's not really new since this True Match line has been going on for years but just by the looks of it, you can easily spot the obvious changes. Along with these changes are the increased chances of this foundation living up to its promise of finding you your one true match.

The practical packaging. It finally comes with a pump! And from the rounded glass bottle, it now comes in a structured tall bottle that looks sleek and sophisticated. Straight from the bottle, you can easily spot what seems like gold shimmers and pigments but once you swatch them on, they magically disappear, let alone when you finally apply it on your face. One full pump is enough for my rather huge face and it gives off a thin but decent coverage with a very natural finish.

The insane shade range. To help them live up to its claim of finding your true match - foundation color match that is, L'Oreal Paris came up with 15 shade offerings! There's no doubt you can find one that will both match your skintone AND undertone. Your skintone may change from time to time, you can be fair today and be well-tanned after your recent beach trip but your undertone remains the same. The new and improved formula is meant to be a better fit for Asian women as it considers your undertone so whether you're a cool, warm or neutral-toned kind of girl, there's enough shades to choose from, I tell you. I'm usually a G4 Golden Beige but for some reason, I ended up buying a G1 Golden Ivory and it still works! Nothing a bronzer or a mix of darker foundation/concealer can't fix. 

The affordable price tag. Crimping on your foundation is not ideal but it's highly practical. So if life will offer you a drugstore foundation without the hefty price tag to go with its acclaimed quality, you do not want to miss out on that. This one is reasonably priced for Php 600, since you can make a good wear out of it and the coverage is actually good, it's such a bargain - if I do say so myself. 

The ravin' results. In real life, it does look amazing when it's finally super blended out on your face. I use a flat foundation brush to apply it on and a damp make up sponge to blend it out for a more seamless finish. It looks exactly like how it feels - lightweight. The less runny consistency gives more grip and less streaks. And then what do you know, it also looks great when photographed, with or without flash. It still appears real, not fabricated or filtered. You be the judge, the first photo is taken with flash and the other one without.

The vavavoom verdict. I personally like it, and I think even if my color matching is still a hit or miss despite the find your one true match claim, the finish it gives off is a good basis already. My tip? Swatch as many possible shades as you can whilst on the counter. Find a better lighting and let it sit on your skin for a bit. If you fancy walking around and coming back the next hour or the next day, do it. All I'm saying is if like me, you're in search for a new foundation to try, you might as well go for the one who promises to find you a true match in the end. It won't hurt to try, now won't it? I think so too.

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