October 30, 2015

TGTC Monthly Favorites: October 2015

As I was thinking about what else can I possibly add into the current mix on the blog, I thought about how I haven't had a monthly favorites round up thing going on. I've had Get Ready With Me's, Hauls or What's In My Bag even but the simplest thing of rounding up my favorites and turning it into a post, none so far. For someone who actually tends to play favorites, I was quite surprised it actually took me about 4 years and then some to come up with one and in true Joys Camille fashion, during the last quarter of the year - no less.

Candy Magazine, James Reid Edition. I think it's called October '15 issue with James Reid on the cover but let's be honest, it's James Reid Edition. He's become such a benchmark, if not a household name as Clark Medina, that a famous line from a pop song has been altered to suit him - you've got that James Reid daydream look in your eyes. Because woman, if you aren't caught up with this mister, you are missing out on a lot. Shameless and I know it. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Minis. Maybe it comes with age and experience but having a go-to overnight bag (with skincare on it) is now a must for me. Sitting inside mine are my minis, the Celeteque Dermoscience Traveler's Basics Kit + pH Care Intimate Wash. I stubbornly picked up the former because they're packed as three's, already pre-selected for you and surprised how it really works three-gether (see what I did there?) to help maintain a hydrated face.

A Little L'Oreal Lovin'. Sale season is upon us, a strategy to trick consumers like me into buying make up I probably don't need but hey, it's on sale - wouldn't you want to have a look at least? Woe is me and I always end up with a couple of things with me. But no regrets, the newly formulated True Match Foundation and Color Rich Moist Matte Lipstick in Maple Mocha are worth the trips on the department store aisles and the almost guilt-free shopping.

Le Stella Rosa Lip Balm. My lack of drinking 8 bottles of water a day has taken its toll on my lips and they completely went dry, peeled and bleed on me especially on the sides. I was starting to panic as it's actually painful and starting to look like how it feels - ugly so I picked up this tube and it came to my rescue! It's extremely hydrating and tastes nice too as it is a flavored lip balm and also because, Stella Rosa. Enough said.

The UAAP and My UST. If you don't know it already, I fangirl excessively. I graduated from UST and my passion for basketball never ends and continues to live through the UAAP, a collegiate basketball league my uni is part of. This year, My UST has a great deal of making it to the Final 4 so I am always stoked to watch the games. I've so far watched 2 games live and I tell you what - you don't really know me until you've seen me watch a live basketball game. True story.

A BEEP card. Isn't it strange to find such among the list favorites in a so-called beauty blog? But this bad boy has been such a relief to my commuter self for this month. I have been traveling from one side of the metro to the other end and having a card that can be used on all 3 of our existing trailing system without having to fall in line or purchase every transfer is a personal miracle I didn't know I was waiting to happen. Bakit ngayon ka lang, Beep? What took you so long?

October 28, 2015

The Untold Story Of A Nail Buffer

I will be the first to tell you it is definitely not the most exciting mor interesting topic - a nail buffer, really now? That's what I initially told myself too as I was having second thoughts of picking this up during one of my random and unplanned trips to the department store. For something that only costs Php 50, you'd think I wouldn't give it much thought and just go ahead and buy it. But that's not what I was bothered about. At the back of my mind I was thinking, will this thing really work? I mean, what exactly is this thing and what is it supposed to do?

I've seen the British girls rave about the one from Sephora or one from their drugstores like Boots so I was pretty excited when I chanced upon one at OMG Oh My Girl shelves inside Landmark's Beauty Section. I can finally find out for myself why this is actually a thing. It's a compact rectangular tool that's made up of four side panels and each panel is assigned to one nail care step at a time: 1. File nail edge. 2. Remove ridges. 3. Smooth nail. 4. Shine nail. And if you're a newbie on this concept, it helps that it is numbered. I follow these steps religiously and sometime even go a step back when I feel like I can use a little bit more of Step 1. I proceed with my usual nail care routine but instead of using the usual suspects, I now use the nail buffer instead. It's supposed to do exactly that - to file your nail edges. This side is not harsh nor unruly, there's just enough roughness to it to get things done, and it's wide and lengthy, easier to shape your nails as desired. While the other surface is used to remove the ridges or the flakes you ended up with, I used to resort for a small bristled brush for this step before - never again. These two final steps make all the difference for me. After all the filing, your nails can look scratched and brittle so the surface can use a little help too, this is where smooth nail and shine nail gets in.

So, does it really work? I was surprised to find out that it really does. It's one of the many things you have to experience yourself to believe it but it won't take an expert to see the difference once you've taken the plunge and started using it. I've been wearing my nails bare the past days since I want to see how it fair as far as appearance can get and I'm well satisfied. And not only does it make everything easier, it makes a whole lot of difference on the results. It always felt like my nails look a bit messy and rough, borderline brittle even after doing a DIY mani-pedi session before but I now I think myabe it's only because I've been lacking this tool all along.

October 16, 2015

5 Reasons The New L'Oreal Foundation Can Potentially Be Your True Match

As I am currently running low on the foundation department, I decided to go and try L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation, one of the new offerings from the brand which they recently launched here in the Philippines along with other products like a skin primer, eyebrow product and concealer. It's not really new since this True Match line has been going on for years but just by the looks of it, you can easily spot the obvious changes. Along with these changes are the increased chances of this foundation living up to its promise of finding you your one true match.

The practical packaging. It finally comes with a pump! And from the rounded glass bottle, it now comes in a structured tall bottle that looks sleek and sophisticated. Straight from the bottle, you can easily spot what seems like gold shimmers and pigments but once you swatch them on, they magically disappear, let alone when you finally apply it on your face. One full pump is enough for my rather huge face and it gives off a thin but decent coverage with a very natural finish.

The insane shade range. To help them live up to its claim of finding your true match - foundation color match that is, L'Oreal Paris came up with 15 shade offerings! There's no doubt you can find one that will both match your skintone AND undertone. Your skintone may change from time to time, you can be fair today and be well-tanned after your recent beach trip but your undertone remains the same. The new and improved formula is meant to be a better fit for Asian women as it considers your undertone so whether you're a cool, warm or neutral-toned kind of girl, there's enough shades to choose from, I tell you. I'm usually a G4 Golden Beige but for some reason, I ended up buying a G1 Golden Ivory and it still works! Nothing a bronzer or a mix of darker foundation/concealer can't fix. 

The affordable price tag. Crimping on your foundation is not ideal but it's highly practical. So if life will offer you a drugstore foundation without the hefty price tag to go with its acclaimed quality, you do not want to miss out on that. This one is reasonably priced for Php 600, since you can make a good wear out of it and the coverage is actually good, it's such a bargain - if I do say so myself. 

The ravin' results. In real life, it does look amazing when it's finally super blended out on your face. I use a flat foundation brush to apply it on and a damp make up sponge to blend it out for a more seamless finish. It looks exactly like how it feels - lightweight. The less runny consistency gives more grip and less streaks. And then what do you know, it also looks great when photographed, with or without flash. It still appears real, not fabricated or filtered. You be the judge, the first photo is taken with flash and the other one without.

The vavavoom verdict. I personally like it, and I think even if my color matching is still a hit or miss despite the find your one true match claim, the finish it gives off is a good basis already. My tip? Swatch as many possible shades as you can whilst on the counter. Find a better lighting and let it sit on your skin for a bit. If you fancy walking around and coming back the next hour or the next day, do it. All I'm saying is if like me, you're in search for a new foundation to try, you might as well go for the one who promises to find you a true match in the end. It won't hurt to try, now won't it? I think so too.

October 07, 2015

My Current Stack of Eyeshadow Palettes

I never thought there will come a time in my life where I will have an actual stack of eye shadow palettes. I've always seen myself coming up with a huge lipstick collection in due time but a growing stack of eye shadow palettes? I'll just have one of the neutral ones, please and thank you. And in real time speaking, that was my story. I only have my Inglot Eyeshadow Freedom Palette before friends and family started giving them to me as gifts. So here we are, later into the game with five eyeshadow palettes to play with...
NP Set: Smoke Signals Palette. Do not let the glitters and shimmers put you off. This palette is so low key but the quality is actually borderline amazing. A set of 12 sultry eye shades that are perfect to create any smoky eye look you prefer -  brown, black or golden, simple, neutral or dramatic. My favorite ones are the golden, coppery and browny shades worn individually all over the lids and smoked out on the crease. It's a tiny palette, a sturdy cardboard flap with magnetic lids and a tiny round mirror inside ideal for when you're on-the-go and a mirror will always come in handy.

Inglot: 5 Shadow Freedom System Palette. I gave an in depth thought on this before and I still find them as my most practical palette ever. You get 5 shadows in a compact packaging that you can carry around with you whether you're headed to the office, a night out with your friends after or even for when you're traveling. A two-toned eyeshadow look of the matte cream shade all over the lid and a pop of dark brown on the crease for a day make up look and then amp up the game by popping in the matte black on the outer v for a more smoked out, night appropriate look. And if you're feeling a bit of shimmer, you can always pop in the pearly shimmer shades on the center of your lids.

Coastal Scents: Revealed 3  Eyeshadow Palette. I heard this is a dupe for the Naked 3 Palette. I can't really say because I don't own the latter yet. It's a total of 20 matte and shimmer shadows combined. They are more on the pink, plums and mauvey side of things but with a good selection of neutrals thrown in the mix too. It comes in a cardboard flap box palette with a magnetic lid but with no mirror to go with it or a brush for that matter, unfortunately. The newest in my collection too so I haven't really given it a proper go yet, but I'm properly smitten by the mattes already.

Urban Decay & Oz: The Glinda Palette. I guess it kind of figures that since it's part of the Oz collection, it has a more playful feel to it. A total of six brighter and bolder colors, with two duo-shades so technically that's 8 shades for you, I personally wouldn't wear altogether but individually? It's a different story. I reckon Illusion, which is a subtle pink iridescent and South, a gray shimmery shade are two things I can work with. They are very buttery and extremely pigmented that a little definitely goes a long way. The palette is as fancy as the colors inside it, housed inside a metal box and comes with a decent sized mirror which is always a good thing.

MAC: Nordstrom Naturals Palette. Of course I've saved the best for last and if I'm really being honest, this palette is what changed the game and my mind about eyeshadows generally. I never quite felt the same thing for the UD Naked ones maybe because I've always been biased with MAC All That Glitters but I think as long as I have this palette, I can manage to say no to the rest of the offerings on the same department. They look sleek and sophisticated on the black MAC palette container and the shades included in this are really some of the ones I've long wanted individually. Crazy pigmented, 15 color shade selection and super pretty to stare at on the pan as much as when they are applied on the lids. My love for this palette is just real people, that is all.
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