September 16, 2015

The Weeklong Holiday Outfits

In between July and August, I found myself boarding another plane to spend another week away from the ordinary, but this time to Bohol and with family. It's been a while since I needed to pack for 5 days in a suitcase so I thought I'd stick with a theme to make it easier. I always find that this is the easiest way to pack. Whenever I think of a destination, I think of a theme I would want to go for wardrobe-wise. I am not the best packer out there, not the lightest packer as well but I thought this little trick of picking a theme and departmentalizing per wardrobe, day and destination should work. And since I know there are going to be pool and beach days by default, I packed bikinis, shirt dresses to cover me up with denim shorts and black tops to match.

The black tops. Yes, I am that girl who can and will wear black to beach. A plain, oversize black shirt I wore to the airport for very obvious reasons. An off-shoulder lace top is something I particularly wanted to bring with me because not only will it look good on photos, it will definitely make me feel comfortable despite the heat and humidity. A black and gray vest top to put on during hotel transfers and running a few errands. A sheer sleeveless top with a lace back details which complimented my tan all the more as my going home outfit.

The denim shorts. Before this trip, I realized I have no decent denim shorts to bring with me so I raided my favorite thrift store in the hope to pick up something. I ended up with four but only these 3 had a good wear out during the trip - a ripped puruntong shorts inspired by a Kylie Jenner outfit post on Instagram, a tattered washed off denim shorts and a good old blue jean shorts.

The shirt dresses. I have got to say this is my favorite bit since I've seen inspirations online on how it's supposed to like amidst the blues and whites with the bikinis worn inside. I'm glad I have enough to play with and bring with me because buying a new one is not an option. There's the blue and white striped shirt dress from Jellybean with a flattering round neckline, an all white off-shoulder number from Mango a few seasons ago and a classic denim piece from Topshop that's good enough for a cover up too.

The bikinis. I've brought only two pairs with me since I have not really been into bikini shopping and this is all I've got so far. One is gray and the other is all black and I know what you are thinking, what am I doing with boring colors but boring works for me so it's all good. There's the matching grey patterned bikini pair from H&M which I got on sale and a matching plain black bikini top and bottoms which I can justify by saying one can never go wrong with black. 

The footwear. Bringing a pair of flipflop is almost a default, mine's a Havaianas white pair, so I threw in a comfortable strappy flats for the times we'll be on land and the Sandugo mid-strap sandals that I thought would be perfect to wear around the beach what will all the walking in the sand and water combined.

All these and a few bits more (I did remember to bring some over and undergarments with me), were packed inside a mini luggage which is something I prefer than the carry on bag. It's so much easier to pack, compartmentalize and repack, not to mention wheel around a mini luggage bag than having to literally carry a carry on bag to and from your destination which includes a two-way 45 minute flight. I do think this ain't so bad considering how I can get carried away with packing so this goes straight to my not-so-many successful holiday packing stories.

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